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How do I integrate online and offline marketing?

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    I think the QR code slogan is "Integrating the offline world with the online marketing" or something to that extent :-)

    I am in no way affiliated with this video:

    How to Use QR Codes Video
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      Could you more elaborate on exactly what your needs are here?
      No signature, I'm sure you will be ok.
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    You could run your entire business online, and then for every customer you get, follow up on them with a direct mail package each and every month. It's been widely known that a simple follow up campaign like this can help you to earn more money from every customer that you get.

    This is how i run my business. I use the internet to find customers, and i follow up on them with a combination of email and direct mail. I've found that it helps with the conversion rates - and of course.... more money. This is one way that you can incorportate both in your marketing strategy.
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    I don't know your kind of business anyway.

    Recently, I designed a marketing idea for one of my offline clients that includes offline and online. Let me share it with you free. Here is how it goes.

    The company wants to attract customers by giving dicount. What to do is to first add 15% to the prices of all the items and then work out 20% on them. The reason is that 5% discount is not very attractive but 20% is a blow! I don't know if you understand what I mean?

    Now how do you promote the 20% discount to your potential customers? Here is where online and offline integration is involved.

    Design a mobile landing page for the discount, may be I will show you an example later; generate a QR Code of the landing page and promote both the QR Code and the url on a local news paper; send bulk sms with a link to the discount page to your customer database and then wait to see the wonderful turn out.

    The discount is only for customers that show the discount page at the shop.

    The good news about this idea is that the page gives you the opportunity to send the discount to your friends through your phone and that makes it viral!
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