Best way to sell my keyword domains names?

by stevek
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I have a lot of "keyword domains", which are mainly geared to the legal-real estate-Dr.-etc., areas. They are set up to be on page one of Google with the proper coding but without the need of any SEO or PPC as the domains are the keywords people typically type in to find what one of these domains are. ie: or

I'm wondering if any of you have a good idea as to the best way to sell the sites beyond cold calling or selling on ebay or other domain sales sites. (although I'd accept good feedback about how to sell via cold calling or best way to get an email when most atty's don't show theirs online..)

Any good, unique, interesting thoughts out there guys/gals?

Of course if you are or know of someone who'd be in these particular fields that would want a domain such as these, let me know (along with way to contact you since I don't have enough posts to pvt msg yet) and I'll see if I have one that fits your/their area.

Thanks! Hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day wknd too btw..!
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    Hi Stevek,

    If they are just domain names than I can't off hand think of anything, but if you have build them as say a one page site and already have them ranked, you could use a flipper site or create a video of your site and it's ranking and then call just to get e-mail address and send it to anyone who would want to rank for that keyword.

    Thing is though would they not already have a website? Why would they want what you are offering? Get your unique seeling point across and it will be much easier to sell.

    Frankly don't these
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    Ever considered basic direct mail letters to do your selling for you? This way the potential client can see your pitch, along with examples of your web designing skills. (i'm not a big fan of cold calling by the way.)

    If you have never gotten a client before, include images of websites that you have built yourself, show them that they get great traffic, and convince them that you can help them to create a site like these and also build traffic to it easily.

    That's what i would do if i didn't have any clients. I just hope that your mailing list is good.

    Is this something that you can do on a national scale? If so, you may want to rent out a mailing list of legal professionals who have bought some information on internet marketing and website design. A list like should be available - but only if you're doing it on a national scale.

    (But my intuition tells me that you could do the same thing on a local scale. The list may be so targeted though that only a few legal/real estate/Dr's in your area has raised their hands for website services in the past.)

    If this is true, and you don't have alot of business owners to sell to, consider rolling out on a national scale.

    If you don't want to rent a list, and you just want to stick with local firms and business's in your area, i guess you can do that too. Just watch your conversion rates and check to see if you are getting any phone calls for your services.

    If you don't get alot of calls, consider renting a direct response list instead of using a compiled list of people in your city.
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    Sorry, I did forget to mention that some already have a generic website that is on page one of Google. That's the key with them, they'll be on pg. 1 for whichever search phrase with no SEO/PPC because thats also the domain name.

    The domains are for all across the nation, but are typically targeted to a specific area or city... just happen to have them from Alaska to Acapulco to Miami Beach. Also, I say 'I' have them.. I'm selling them for the owner who does also have a web design co.

    Thanks for the input so far..
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    Hi Steve,

    There are a lot of marketing techniques you could use, but most require some kind of initial contact or cold call, which I know you don't like - nor do I. So maybe try this: make a short video first of their website and it's rankings and then of your site and it's rankings, leaving them with a call to action ie. contact you to learn how they could own that site. Now when you call them you are not selling htem anything, but rather just trying to get their e-mail address to send them an important free video report about their website.

    There are lots of other methods as I said so go check out some of the WSO on offline marketing and how to get clients.
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