need help finding a wso I saw...

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note: This is not a 'ploy' to draw attention to a particular wso! I have NO association with the wso in question. I honestly need help in locating it.

Here's what I remember about it -- I THINK I arrived at it from a warrior banner ad.

I remember the basic idea behind it was -- a "miracle" seo plug in for wp, that is SPECIFICALLY for offline wp sites.

Any ideas on which wso that would've been?

I THINK it used the word "ultimate" or similar in the title.

It seemed pretty newbie friendly, so I DON'T think it was the one by Andy Fletcher (but maybe it was) -- that one I don't understand ANY of what it's talking about (but maybe that additional explanation was only recently added).

Anyhow, any ideas to help me find which one it was? (I already tried the search function -- no luck).


-- TW
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