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We have seen in some of the posts that people are approaching businesses who say they do not want a mobile website because they are getting an app made for their business.

I actually just got a customer who was in this exact position because their app was taking a long time to be made and approved.

The other reason is that they realized they were missing a large portion of the market because it will only be applicable to iphone users.

Plus it will be hard to find with so many apps in the marketplace.

Their mobile website will do a lot more because it is cross platform and can be updated immediately.

So maybe it is time to start and target businesses who already have apps and offer a mobile website.

1. Faster to Implement
2. Cross promote their current app
3. Easier to update
4. Cross platform compatibility
5. Cheaper and more efficient
6. Insert your own reasons.

What do you think?

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    I think if you have the time and the resources it's definitely better to make best of both worlds. Personally, I would start with the website, build up a user base and then direct them to the application.
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    Originally Posted by Quentin View Post

    So maybe it is time to start and target businesses who already have apps and offer a mobile website.
    Quentin, this is a good point. Never thought of that and I will certainly use this argument to find new clients who have mobile apps already.

    But if they are happy with their app developer, then our chance of getting the job will be close to zero. Anyway, worth trying as you said you already got a client who wasn't satisfied with the app route.
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    I appreciate the advice that you freely give out ,it is not difficult to see why you are successful.
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    Often a webapp will go beyond the functionality of a typical mobile website in that it will need more intuitive interaction and access to more complex data displays, for example I have a client that requires login features for registered users that then gives them quick access to a document manager for trading reports and statistics, although you could do it using HTML I wouldn't advice it. You will be always updating it manually, what I did was use joomla so client can update their own documents and files, I then created a joomla template and use some of its core components and plugins to output a lightweight version of the main site, works great

    Using similar approach I intend to create web apps for real-estate listings, car sales, and mcommerce

    These type of sites are more expensive then regular mobile sites but they are far cheaper than developing an app and work across multiple devices...


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