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Hi guys,

There seem to be loads of SMS services/deals/offers for marketers in the US but was wondering if anyone has used or can recommend any companies in the UK.Also the US seems to be way ahead of us here in the UK regarding SMS.

Also what are the benefits to a business as in the UK mobiles are cheap and text packages are amazingly cheap probably cheaper than som of the SMS companies are offering or am I looking at this the wrong way?

Any thoughts or recommendations are much appreciated.

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    Actually there is. It's my secret weapon. I almost don't want to share it.


    Well, it's called .

    Very cheap, complete with an easy to use API. So you can easily make custom applications.

    I have a side project based on it: a platform for business owners to send customized messages.

    It's pretty simple: they send texts using my interface. It's simpler than txtlocal because all you can do is send messages.

    I buy the credit, they buy credit from me.

    Simple. You can do it and compete with me!

    Still under development but I have used it for some personal stuff.

    Here is the best part: they give you 10 free credits to try it out.

    They also have shortcodes and all that.
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    Hi adwords mogul and Jimbo13,

    Thanks very much for both of your inputs, that's great info and advice and much appreciated.


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    The text message market over here has been big for a few years. I get about 3 marketing messages to my mobile every day. My research did show the cost per text however is more expensive in the UK. But isn't everything ! Rip off Britain !!! Txtlocal looks like the best option though.....
    I'm looking for a JV Broker in the UK
    If you work with local businesses in the UK and want to increase your income PM me..
    If you are a Lead Generator for Offline Businesses in the UK PM Me..
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    The U.S. is considerably behind the UK, in terms of businesses using SMS as a marketing weapon.
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      Good morning, Jenny here from Txtlocal. Thanks for the mention and the praise here.

      Please feel free to fire any questions regarding mobile marketing this way :-)

      Mobile Marketing in the UK is rapidly becoming increasingly popular, take a look at our stats page.

      Please sign up, we have created a promotional code for you all, on signing up, enter the word 'warrior' where prompted and your account will automatically be credited with 25 credits instead of the usual 10.

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    Just want to throw my weight behind TXTlocal here... they have great support, their product is second to none, and they've been around for years. Try them!
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    Thanks for the hint, although, sadly we don't operate in North America :-(
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