Want To Sell Your Services Outside The Internet For Premium Prices? 6 Step Method Shows How

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Guys this is not going to be something ground breaking, but I believe for those willing to give this an honest try it can make them a couple hundred dollars.

I have been hearing alot about offline marketing lately, but alot of the tactics I see mentioned take alot and some of them require balls of steal to do. Here is a method that might cost you a few dollars in postage and envelopes, but if done right can yield some good money.

Have you ever read an opportunity magazine? There are several of these types of magazines, and people advertise in them all the time. The thing is that alot of the people who use them to advertise usually do not have a website.

Alot of the ads will still use the old send an envelope if you want more information or expect you to send a money order in the mail if you want their product. These people do not have a website and this makes them prime targets to offer services to. So here is a plan you can follow.

1.) Go to the library and look at old opportunity magazines. Try to get as many different ones as you can. Examples would be entrepreneur or money maker magazine.

2.) Skim through them and type into your computer all the addresses of the people who do not leave a website. These people usually leave their address asking you to send an envelope if you want information or if you want to order from them. 80% of these people do not have a website.

3.) Get some stamps and envelopes and write them all a professional letter advertising your services. It can be article writing, SEO, or whatever service you offer. NOTE: If you go solely for addresses in full page displays do not be afraid to ask for some real money.

4.) Do this for at least 150-300 addresses. You should easily be able to find this many if you get multiple opportunity type magazines and you are able to get alot of back issues of them. The library is perfect for this as they usually have a bunch. Try to go to your cities main public library, which would be the biggest one.

5.) Make sure you have a website or a blog for people who respond to quickly learn about you. Do not be afraid to leave people who respond a phone number, the fear of speaking to clients goes away when they call you instead of you calling them.

6.) Make it a goal to collect research and collect a list of as many opportunity magazine titles as you can so you can make use of them all.

If you do this right you should be able to get at least a few interested clients off of this. I am not guaranteeing anything nor am I saying this is some groundbreaking information. It is a solid way to get clients offline by using a method few people do.

Don't worry if you do not have the money to do as many as I mentioned. You can go for just a few dozen until you have enough money to go for more.
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    Dude, excellent. You absolutely need to write this up as a special report and offer it as a WSO. This is what it's all about, providing massive value and this simple little plan does that in spades. Nice going!
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    THis is pretty interesting, it's like direct mail, but going backwards to online... And it's true I still see these stuffing envelopes ad in my newspaper all the time.. they must be making money cuz a 2 line classified ad every week day is like $100 dollars.
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    This is a very interesting idea can't honestly say I have heard of anyone doing this. But it seems like a very sound idea. Thanks for the post very good idea.

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    Great tips. It's easy to think that EVERYONE already has a website, but I guess you'd be surprised how many decent sized companies are still doing it stone age style and missing out on a lot of business.
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    THis is pretty interesting, it's like direct mail, but going backwards to online... And it's true I still see these stuffing envelopes ad in my newspaper all the time.. they must be making money cuz a 2 line classified ad every week day is like $100 dollars.
    The newspapers are good, but primarily the national ones that come out for the weekend. Take the USA today friday, saturday, and sunday editions. Also you can offer more then just website building. You can offer any type of service you want to help them get sales. The thing is if you do it go for a good price.
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      This really is a great idea. I would think that this could generate some solid leads, given a good sales letter. Thanks for sharing. That really is good out-of-the-box thinking

      I would even say that, if one had success with this using biz opp mags, and wanted to expand on this idea, that you could probably go with this same approach in other niche magazines. Even in craft and hobby niches, for example, there will be lots of ads for products that people need to send money orders for by mail. What may be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how you think/what experience has shown you, is that people working in niches outside of internet marketing or running an offline brick and mortar business (in some cases) won't have been approached so many times by people about websites, Fan Pages, etc., so they may be less defensive when approached. I think that as long as it was framed as an opportunity to get more customers and grow their business, people selling in many niches would at least be interested in a website or and/or Fan Page.
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    I like the 6 step method. Taking a look back at old magazines to see if there are any recurring ads that are still running let's me know how profitable a magazine or publication is. How long do you think it would take to contact all of the people in the magazine? Is this strategy good for long term cash, or short term riches?
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    It depends on how many you plan on contacting. Also the ads do not have to run consistently. Any ad you see that leaves an address either asking you to send a SASE or requires you to buy the product by having to send a money order through the mail is a prospect. What is even better is if you send it as if you are requesting information your letter will always get opened. In order to build long term cash you should focus on services that you can bill for recurringly.
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      In the 1980s I had a monthly column in Spare Time, an opportunity magazine which I believe is still being published. I did this as a stepping stone to getting a syndicated column in other markets because, to be honest, I looked down on the opportunity market.

      However, I got quite a number of decent clients from my column appearing there. By decent I mean people who ran honest businesses and were doing at least moderately well. I ended up learning a lot from them as I helped them with better copy!

      I no longer make the mistake of looking down at that market.

      Marcia Yudkin
      Check out Marcia Yudkin's No-Hype Marketing Academy for courses on copywriting, publicity, infomarketing, marketing plans, naming, and branding - not to mention the popular "Marketing for Introverts" course.
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