Advice for a guy that dosent live in USA but whants to offer service to local offline businesses

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I have been buying many WSO's on offline marketing, targeting local businesses and I have learned a lot (More then I knew) but my problem is that I live in a country that has very small population (320.000 people) and there is only one city and some small towns. I like to work in a bigger market so I think I will have to focus on counties like USA, Canada sins I know more about them than any other English speaking country.

what would be the best way for me to contact the prospect? is it buy email or hire a local sales person?

and is my fear that if I contact a local business owner by email, that the company owner will not trust me sins I don't live in his country, being afraid that I am a scam a total bull?

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    Hello Snappin

    You may want to partner your offering - whatever it is, you don't say - with an American; as I would have thought US Business people prefer doing business with other US business people.

    Your English whilst good has a couple of flaws that would lead to your e-mails being binned in my opinion.

    So I'll just correct them incase they are not mere typos.

    Doesn't, wants and since instead of dosent, whants and sins. You probably know about the capital letters.

    Why don't you write what it is you do and that may help your cause?


    PS: Good luck, hope you do well, earn lots of money and pay lots of tax because Iceland owes England a couple of Billion and the solution could be you.
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      Hi jimbo13

      Yes I do know about capital letter and I think these where typos. On forums and on MSN messenger I don't think when I am writing.

      I planing on offering Facebook fan pages to start with, I have so many tools and templates and scripts to use for Facebook fan pages and later on I will go in to consulting.

      Ps I hope I can make lots of money so I can pay the debt of my country and bring the shame of my country to an end
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    Snappinn, I am also not from the USA and I am not in an English speaking country either. But I was able to sell my services to online and offline people in such countries. Believe me you don't have to be in a specific country to sell your services there. Surely that will make things easier but if you have a solid offer and you can market it properly, you will eventually get clients.

    Trust is the first obstacle you will have to overcome and it will cause some difficulty at first, but once you get a few clients you will be more comfortable and you will be able to show them as your reference so that people will trust you.

    I have been contacting business owners through emails and although the conversion rate is not so great, I can say that if you use the right words, you can close deals using only emails. Cold-calling is another option that I haven't done except for a few times. I know that many warriors have great success with cold-calling, but for that to work, your spoken English must be really good and you have to sound confident. If you have some money to invest, you could also hire telemarketers to do the job for you.

    You can start by offering your service for free to a couple of businesses so that you can get more confident and you will have a portfolio of clients to show when you contact others.

    I hope you reach your goal eventually.

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