Finding Offline Clients with LinkedIn !!

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Not sure how many of you are using LinkedIn to find Offline clients. I not only use LinkedIn like a online resume to send to my clients that are doing their due diligence before hiring me.

You have to be careful on LinkedIn and you can't cold call people. You can though find the decision makers, connect with them and build a relationship. Many of my best clients took me meeting them 5 to 7 times at events or through string of emails. I try early to connect with them on LinkedIn, when they see my profile, it gives me more credibility and makes it easier to set a meeting to discuss IM.

I just started a LinkedIn Group (link below) and am going to use this to get new clients and other marketers I could outsource work too. Let me know your thoughts on using LinkedIn this way.

Internet and Social Media Marketing For Retail Business | LinkedIn

James Hickey
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    LinkedIn rocks. It's a social network for introverts like your truly LOL

    Seriously though, I really do like LI. There is one caveat though: Some of them are not on LI at all. If you prospects are on there, it's the easiest and the best way to connect with them.

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    I love linked in, as it's a real gem

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    I agree that LinkedIn has tremendous potential. Thanks for sharing the insights.
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    LinkedIn is just like Facebook and Twitter, takes a while to build a large loyal following. I just think many people and businesses are looking for a quick fix and instant sales.
    In this case...slow and steady wins the race.

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    LI is like a good wine - it takes some time for it to really mature until it's awesome.

    That means that the network building takes time (longer the FB or Twitter), but the business results can be huge.
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    linked in is good if you offer a free service other than that - befriending people first as in real life is teh best way to go

    good luck - im starting my linkedin client find asap
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    Midway thru reading your post i was just going to suggest joining a linkedin group or creating your own. But seems like you're already on top of it. It sounds like a good social marketing plan. I know how to use LI better than facebook too.
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    Thanks for setting up that group. There are so many choices it's sometimes hard to decide where to focus. I think a great continuation of this thread would be some good ideas on how to market on Linked In for local and small biz.
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