Problem when selling mobile websites to clients

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I keep hitting a brick wall. and this is it-

They want to know if it would be possible to integrate their existing site with their mobile website. especially small restaurants who update their own website (menu updates etc) .

They say that they want that update to affect the mobile website too.

Also they use a 3rd party booking system. Is there anyway to integrate all this and provide that solution for them?

thanks in advance..hoping that quentin or one of you techie guys will answer it

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    I would think that there has to be some way to make this happen, but it would entail a lot more than just the basic templates you see popping up everywhere.

    I did see a WP theme for mobile sites here on the forum somewhere, and maybe it is possible to integrate their systems with that if you redesigned the main site.

    Wish I could help more. So far I haven't had anyone hit me with this type of thing. Typically, just getting them some more exposure has been key in selling this kind of service.

    Best of luck!
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      I would use the wp-mobile-pack plugin. It sits on the same site and detects if the site is being viewed on a mobile device and shows the mobile theme / version in that case. Basically you would have to customize the mobile theme that plugin comes with (very simple and straightforward PHP code) but basically it's the same sites / content rendered differently depending on the device. This way anything you change on the main site is automatically updated on the mobile version.

      It also help that the plugin is free.

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    I would go with wp-touch for this one too. I never used it but i think that because it takes the info from the main website, once it's updated the mobile website will use the same info too.
    For the moment i really don't know how to automatically update the mobile website once the main website is updated.
    You could do something if they use an pdf or a picture as an menu. So once the pdf/pic is updated, the mobile website will be automatically updated too. But if it's only text than i really don't have a clue.

    However, they could call you whenever they have updates and you could charge small fees for small changes.This could be a solution too.

    Good luck finding the solution for this.

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    thanks for the suggestions

    however, i think from what they said they dont want to be paying out everytime a small update is needed
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    If the site is not originally WP driven, it will still need to be redone for a plugin to work. My problem with all of the plugins like that though is that they show the posts and not the content I had on the main PAGE. Maybe I just never configured them correctly, but I found it easier just to set up a regular html site with the proper size configurations and program in the regular web content.
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    WP mobile plugin is good idea IF existing site is WP based site.
    If existing site is based on Joomla, I think there is mobile plugin/extension for it as well.
    If not...

    You need to create mobile site that pulls content from main site (dynamic), menu page (for example).
    You may want to look into shtml and use "include" tag.
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    I currently have 2 restaurant owners as customers. I designed their website and maintain it for them. Make some type of deal with the owner for a small monthly fee you update his site, prices, new items etc. Explain to him that that monthly fee covers only updates, not redesigns etc..

    If the site is on WP use WPtouch that will work for you.

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    i've developed my own plugin and mobile templates for joomla and use it to manage some of my mobile sites as well as the main site so the content between them gets updated dynamically or is synced accordingly

    i usually use joomla for developing mobile web apps and recently integrated joomla with community builder and docman giving my client a pretty cool web app for managing and handling reports on the go

    ill take a look at developing something similar for wordpress when i get chance
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    If the site is Wordpress, I use the wptouch pro plugin. It's fantastic. I bought the developers license so I can use it on client sites. If it's not Wordpress, don't know the answer.
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