Anyone Had Success With Paid Advertising?

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I'm thinking about running ads locally for web design clients and I've got a couple thousand dollars to work with (though I don't plan on using it all). Thought local bizzes might trust someone more if they found them through print ads.

Anyone having success with this?
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    Having more success with local networking groups, being visible, putting money into the groups and membership... which has allowed us to earn invitations to do presentations, and the phone to ring of course.
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      Reach out to a CPA/CFP who deals with lots of small businesses.

      Give him a thorough analysis of his or her marketing, and offer to do a little free work. In exchange get his clients to become YOUR clients.

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    • Thanks, MaxReferrals - I'm on to networking groups being the best way, but it's a bit hard for my situation (not to make excuses).

      It's just that I live in an extremely small area and can't find any networking groups when I search online, and I'm only in the States for a little while longer. The only one I can think of is the Chamber of Commerce - our local group doesn't seem to have anything going on in the way of events, and I imagine you need a business license in order to be a member (though I'm not positive on that).

      I'm a little iffy about getting my license because if I'm going to get one and be living overseas, I'd rather get licensed in Singapore.

      Any tips on finding groups that don't require you be licensed?
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    Give it a shot. You'll never know if you don't try.

    Working on three potentially large scale business projects backed by investors.
    If you'd like to chat or network with me, add me on Skype: charlesgmullen0.

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