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Helping small businesses!

How much of a positive impact do you think WE as internet marketers could have on local businesses in and around your local area? A HUGE ONE!

The knowledge we have is priceless to the right people and those are small businesses. Think about it. Wouldn't you charge someone to set up a small simple blog for them using relevant keywords through out and within the domain i.e. the bakery in whatever area its and then have an opt in box so they could build a list of targeted customers. You could throw in a facebook fanpage for them too and charge each business a monthly recurring fee to 'maintain' it all.

Think about how many local businesses have even heard of aweber let alone know how powerful it could be for them once you explain the potential of it!

Most small businesses would kill to have a good web presence so why not be the go to guy/girl in your area and provide that service?

What are your thoughts? and what would you suggest the best and most effective ways to help offline businesses build a presence online?!
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    Build partnerships, make friends and support each other.

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    This is a great idea. I think I'm gonna hire a telemarketer to get clients for me.
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    nice. Get partnerships in various things that you need to host site, web design, etc. With partnerships, you reduce cost of operating it.
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    Thanks sambaz, it's a good idea. There are more opportunities around you. The thing you've to do it talk to business owners and explain them that what I can do for you on the internet?.

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    If you charged an uprfont fee of $1200. Ten local business would obviously equal $12,000.

    You could easily do this in one month. The charge say $200 a month for the upkeep, would only take an hour tops per client once a month. That's $2,000 a month in residual income. 24K A YEAR for very little work.

    Definitely worth a go?
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    I'm very interested in this approach. If youre charging 1200 up front what are you offering? Domain hosting and articles? backlinks?
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    It looks all good but after 7 years working offline I can assure this: sometimes you can even offer the top #1 site in this niche market, and YET, business owners don't take it.

    Thing is, unless you prove them you're credible, they don't care you're the supa dupa internet marketer in the whole world.

    Just a word of advice, cause I've seen this more then expected: people think "wow, I know so much IM stuff - I can really help offline business!!" and then as soon as they start closing doors on you, people get discouraged.

    So please, build credibility first - otherwise it's a mess.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    You have to build your reputation locally and give them options - I've found in the past packages work really well, and you'll often find that if you pack in the 2nd package they'll go for this rather than than the cheapest one.

    Coming soon!

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