Just got a great Direct Mailer sent to me

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OK, it was from a major bank but.....

I collected my mail and found what looked like a sheaf of (very recognizable brand) printer paper. Like just what you'd buy for your office.

Closer inspection revealed the bank's logo on the packaging, and addressed to my business.

They were selling a simple set up pre approved business overdraft.

The only copy on the outside said "We've cut the paperwork out of applying for an overdraft, You might as well put it to better use."

Underneath it says: " blah blah....Instead of filling out reams of forms when you need a cash injection, you'll only need to complete one -which you'll find enclosed in the pack. The rest of the paper can be fed to your printer or copier"

You reckon I opened it? Of course I did.

Sure enough, inside were 2 bits of paper with the offer and the application form, and the rest was good quality printer paper.

Not only was I happy to get the paper, but I went ahead and took up their offer!


1. Awesome, original idea - you're gonna open this whether you think you want the actual offer or not.
2. They delivered exactly what they said they would on the pack - it wasn't a trick to open it.
3. The package stuck out like bulls b@lls in the mail.
4. You are going to read that offer no matter what.
5. Even if you have no interest in the offer, you're happy to have received it anyway (a useful free giveaway).
6. Bonus marks - as a marketer I have a bit of respect for their clever tactics - despite my inherent distrust of, and cynicism for big banks.

Anyway, thought some of you would get something out of that - certainly gave me some ideas for future DM shots. Would love to know what their results are from this promotion compared to others, but I bet they were good.
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