Lead generation for mortgage businesses?

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What would be the most cost effective way for me to generate leads for mortgage businesses? I've worked in UK financial services for over 20 years and have lots of contacts still in the industry.

I have an appointment with a firm of mortage brokers next Tuesday to discuss creating a mobile version of their website, plus FB fanpage and also to suggest ways they can generate more leads from the Internet or via their website.

Obviously this could be a very lucrative market if I can show them a large increase in traffic/leads.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Many Thanks
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    Anyone able to help?

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      Personally, i'd collect the leads via a landing page with a call to action like filling out a contact form. You can also add lots of different questions and requirements to the contact form to ensure that the leads are going to be a high quality - however you don't want to scare too many potential customers away with a huge form to fill out.

      Then you could sell these leads to the mortgage company at whatever price you set, but make sure it's a fair price otherwise they'll just laugh you away. I was going to set up a mortgage website with local keywords with one of my old bosses, but he wanted to pay me £10 for each lead - though the lead HAD to take out a mortgage. So he makes like £4,000 less the brokers fees and i get £10.

      That's not my kind of game.
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        Your keywords research skills and SEO resources are the key arsenal here.
        You are getting into an ultra competitive niche.
        Dont be scared though but it worths to look into the competition...


        Guaranteed $100 a day

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    My first suggestion was going to be that the client has a squeeze page on their existing site offering a free report to gather email addresses.

    What about Google Adwords or Facebook advertising?

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    Hi Steve - Mortgage...fun fun fun!

    I would suggest putting together a strategy starting with what you want to accomplish (lead generation); identifying your potential clients (what's the profile of the potential clients); and what are their needs right now and how can you solve them?

    For example, maybe you have a client that can do loans for someone that has been hammered by credit issues. Then I would suggest putting together a video sales page that offers that potential client a free report that helps them with their problem. Of course, to get the report you get the name and email address.

    Then... you're not done yet...have a series of informative reports ready to send out via a service such as aWeber that leads the prospect from where they are now to where you want them to be.

    A good source for Video Sales Pages is James Wedmore - he has some free information on his blog JamesWedmore dot com, along with a product call Video Sales Pro that covers video sales page copy.

    Hope that helps!
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