Where Do You Meet With Clients When You Want To Work From Home?

by phans
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Many who want to start a small offline marketing business might have the same question as me.

At the beginning i don't have the money to rent a office so i will work from home at the beginning.

Where should i meet my clients?
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    Usually I will offer to stop by their place of business to make it more convenient for them. This rarely gets turned down. If it does, I would be upfront and advise them that you are a freelancer who works from home and go from there. It's all up to you, however. A big part of being in sales is the ability to adapt and improvise. Do and say what feels right to you and learn from your mistakes.
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    Depends if you know them or not. Normally I will use a hotel lounge or I use a room in my Church. It is a modern building and has a longue area with WiFi and video projectors.

    At the end of the day use where you feel comfortable and at ease.

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    Originally Posted by phans View Post

    Many who want to start a small offline marketing business might have the same question as me.

    At the beginning i don't have the money to rent a office so i will work from home at the beginning.

    Where should i meet my clients?
    I too have the same question and the best I can come up with is their business (preferably) or a coffee shop or cafe. something casual and quick. Like a starbucks or sandwich shop.
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    I also go to their business. If they don't want to do that, I suggest Starbucks.

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      Their business or at a local restaurant/coffee shop.

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      Originally Posted by Iolaus View Post

      I also go to their business. If they don't want to do that, I suggest Starbucks.
      I work from home so I'd go with that

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    I always start at the clients business. That helps me get a feel for the company. Besides a coffee shop, there are some lost cost shared office space that also has a conference rooms.
    I do prefer to go to a quiet place, coffee shops and restaurants can be noisy.

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    There are a number of services called "Virtual Offices". You can use these to get a prestigious business address in major cities across North America. Some of them also handle your mail and phone calls. Makes you look super professional.

    One is called Intelligent Office. I forget the others.

    Hope that helps.
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    There's really no stigma to having a home-based business or office. It's common to meet at local coffee shops. As a marketer I prefer to meet at their office whenever possible because it helps me learn more about their business and understand who they are. That may not be as important to many IMs. If you belong to your local chamber of commerce you may be able to use their conference room/table to meet customers for free. It's a win-win because it helps brings new businesses to the chamber as well.
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      I'm suprised at how many professional meetings take place at Coffee shops. I had one prospect suggest Starbucks it was crowded and noisy but I got my point across.
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    The best 2 places to meet clients outside your home office is the coffee shop and library, or you can meet them online using several free software tools that can be used for video chat as a way to replace face-to-face communication. Here's a good review: http://www.timedoctor.com/blog/2011/...ffice-software

    Running a business from home can provide great flexibility, however; meeting clients and maintaining a professional image can present a challenge.

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    You can meet them at their business but it is important to make sure that they have set time aside and will not be trying to do their work at the same time. If they keep getting up to deal with customers it will not only be frustrating but hard for yuo to be effective. If your target clients are in the type of business where you think this may be a problem go for a coffee shop or hotel so they can not be distracted.
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    Of course it will be a coffee restaurant or it will be depend on clients status...
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      I buy them a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts it establishes a good relationship from the get-go!
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    Most of the time I just do a webinar with them. It really impresses the hell out of them. I use mikogo. It's free!

    If they really, really want to meet me I'll go to their office. I'd rather be in a pair of shorts, a no sleeve t-shirt and bare foot in front of the computer!
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      I try and start with local businesses who are within a 30-mile radius and then offer to meet them at their business. If that is not convenient, some restaurant with free wi-fi access in case I need to show them things on my computer is a great place.
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    Easy answer... Wherever the potential CLIENT wants
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    Yup normally clients will be happy that you can go to them as it will be more convenient for them. In the event they do not wish you to meet them in their companies, you can always find a starbucks nearby
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      I normally arrange to meet at the business owner's place of business or Panera Bread or Starbucks.

      If it's a busy company, their place of business usually works best
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    Like others have said, I've used coffee shops, better restaurants, hotel lobbies, and their offices. Years ago I rented a shared office suite which included so many hours of conference room use each month. It was nice, but I found I did not use it enough to make it worthwhile. Had i been doing small advisory groups or seminars, then I'd have kept it.
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    I agree with many of the other posters. If there business location is out of the question, a location like Borders, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts - anywhere where you can grab a cup of joe or a bite to eat while discussing business.
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    I was in outside sales for 20 years and always did the first appointment at their place unless they suggested something else.

    In the case of follow-up appointments sometimes lunch or a cup of coffee was a good idea as it got them away from the day to day aspects of their business and let them concentrate better on what I had to say.
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    I know some people create office at home... Anyway coffee shops and hotel lobbies are fine
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    where clients wish to meet.... totally depend on clients
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      If you make the 1st appointment at their office you get to learn a whole lot about how they run business, which can help you stand out from the competition because in many cases you will see hidden opportunities.

      Then after that meet via computer, restaurant or wherever they like.
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    Coffee shops do the trick. But be warned: Sometimes there is more than one Starbucks within a short distance. The other day I went to meet a client and we ended up at two different Starbucks locations. There were actually 3 on that same block! I tried a smaller coffee shop that was a little closer to home but the client had never heard of it. Starbucks is good because they are usually pretty well known.
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