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I really need some help defining what it is a client would get from me at different tiers of SEO. I have sold my first package in the $150-300 range and I would like to more clearly define the parameters to the client from the outset to manage expectations.

Could anyone assist? I think the $150-$300 package is ok. When you guys/gals are asked how long do you spend for the $150-$300 how do you answer?

My basic package is all about working onsite with enough offsite to deliver results. It should be a nice entry level and gets residual kicking over.

Small Business Package: $150 - $300

  • Website (on-page) optimisation: title, headings, img alt text, keywords, content,
  • Keyword research & competitive positioning
  • Local level link building
Addons for SBP
Other activities that will also help client sites and that I can undertake on client behalf
  • Google Places... Mobile/Local presence: establish or tuneup.
  • Reputation management (reviews.)
  • Social network promotion: facebook, maybe a twitter presence, maybe a blog?
  • Newslettter campaign optimization

Entrepreneur's Package: $500 - $750


Empire Builder's Package: $1000 to $1500


Thanks for any guidance
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    I do not typically offer pricing packages. Here's the reason. Take a local hair salon for example. To get more clients, you will have to spend more money versus a local mulch supplier. Both are small businesses, but the different niches will have different levels of competition and will require different pricing structures.

    I would have a strong disclaimer saying that these are the base prices and may go up based on the competitive analysis.

    As far as pricing, I can't give you that. That comes from trial and error based on the location you are serving. Again, a hair salon in Boston will need far more capital than the same hair salon in LittleTown in Florida.

    Take on one client and see if the pricing works, then adjust.

    My first thought is, the pricing might be on the low side.

    Hope this helps.
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    I agree with jgsketch...Bundling your services in a package is kinda selling yourself short. And the the pricing doesn't work with everyone. The way I price is by the competitiveness, the niche, and what their needs are.

    I also think you are low balling. Don't be afraid to ask for the big bucks. If its reasonable they will pay for it.

    Also don't be afraid to let potential clients know that you will look over their site and come back with a price quote. That way it gives you time to research and create a strategy for them.

    Good Luck!!!
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    Great advice from jgsketch and mnlewis. One size doesn't fit all customers. I've struggled with this in the past too, starting with packages but refusing to apply cookie cutter packages that I knew weren't right for my customers. At the same time I don't want to detail all my strategies if I don't have to.

    As a compromise I say that I have packages ranging from $200-$3,000 month, which I do and can show if needed. But I try not to end up there. Instead I like to create a custom SEO and/or online marketing plan to achieve the results they want.

    Beyond the expertise required, SEO is labor intensive so be careful about low balling. You might test out local rates and come in competitive on the high end.
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    Hey Guys.

    Firstly I realise the price is low but I wanted to build a bit of a list and this particular client is associated with 20 other small businesses providing complimentary services.

    great advice. So I should price these as projects with predefined deliverables and talk through the options with clients. If it is outside of their budget they can always remove parts of the offering to tailor the result.

    Creativegirl if you could send through how you package SEO that would be awesome

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    Hey Simbot, seems as if everyone has covered the fact that you want to tailor your packages to your customers.

    I've seen alot of packages go from $300 to start with 5 keywords up to around $3000 for 25 keywords (plus x amount of backlinks etc etc) Then of course the sky's the limit from there as well with custom packages.

    Those are just examples of what I've seen so I imagine something like that could give you an idea of where to start as long as you look to adjust your pricing based on competition etc accordingly.

    Note though that these are just SEO prices. All of the other add ons that you offer should have their own pricing structures. Just be sure not to undersell your time.
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      hey thanks researchdiva, I am getting that gist, price the core offering and sell that and ensure the client understands what it is and its limitations.

      Then offer other options such as "Fanpage creation and optimisation" google adwords setup and configuration etc
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        Yes - educating them is important, remember, they don't do what you do so they most likely don't know what it means to get page rank, social attention, etc...

        Keep your presentation based on solving a problem (ie...not enough clients, unable to properly promote a certain offer, etc...) Show them how your services can solve their problem.

        You have to back it up with your knowledge...but mostly they just want to know you can solve their problem and help them with their business goals.

        Glad to help! Dawn
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    As a service provider, pricing is always a little tricky - you have to really sit down and have a discussion with yourself. How much is your time and talent worth?

    The best analogy that I've heard is this: A large manufacturing company had a piece of equipment that was not working properly and as a result, productivity and bottom line profits were beign affected. Nobody knew how to fix the problem.

    So, they called in a senior member that was retired and had since gone into consulting. He walked into the plant, took a look at the equipment, grabbed a hammer and smacked it in just the right place. This fixed the problem which meant that the factory would be able to now run at optimal production levels and make money.

    He handed the Company manager a bill for $10,010.

    The Manager was insulted! After all, it only took the guy a few minutes to fix the equipment. To explain the charge the consultant said: $10 for the hammer; $10,000 for knowing exactly where to hit it.
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