Potential Goldmine? Or Not Worth The Effort?

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Ok, I been thinking of doing offline marketing in my local area but have been debating if it is worth it. When searching for competition for town and businesses I find that only directories are ranked on the first page of google.

Also when I use the google adwords tool, the traffic stats are minimal. We are a little behind technologically but eventually it should pick up. Do you think this local market is worth pursuing or I should look to find bigger cities.

I was thinking my pitch to businesses would be that they would be ahead of the game, once technology become more of a factor here.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I really don't think you can go just by what the Google Keyword Tool says when it comes to local traffic. People locally are looking things up with all sorts of weird obscure long tail keywords like, "where do i get pet friendly carpet cleaning in salt lake city". You're really aiming to rank in Google Places and maybe for a few long tails unless it's clearly a higher volume keyword, in which case you should aim to be in GP and in the regular search.

    Short answer: There's enough people here successful in offline (and they only comprise a minute selection of "offline marketers") that you can rest assured it can work.

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    If your local area has electricity, internet service and half the city uses computers then no, it's not too early to get started. Why? It's a cultural shift, period, and more people will be searching 6 months from now, next year, and so on. All local search is increasing. Google is only the first place to do a spot check, not the be all do all in tell tale keyword, competitor or search volume research.
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    Thanks for your feedback. I was just wondering because I see a lot of businesses here don't have a website, but they have submitted their information to online directories. I have found some local business keywords to have all directory results on the first page.
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