How I Landed Three Clients and Made $4,000+ In My First Month of Offline Marketing

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Hi Warriors,

I want to share with you exactly how I made $4,500 in just one month of hustling for for offline clients. No fluff, just straight talk.

Client 1: The 14 Day Challenge

I knew that I could not succeed in this business without a little. Luckily I received an email that Maria Gudelis 14 Day Challenge WSO was on sale for $17. I purchased it and immediately began implementing.

The challenge basically involves taking a few actions everyday to land your first client. A lot of this involves cold calling and this is what I got most out of the course. She provided a great little script.

I knew I wanted to target chiropractors so I went to Yellow and filled out a spreadsheet of about 100 chiropractors, with their names, location, phone number and website if they had one. Before each call I would check out if their web presence just in case I can provide some feedback/info.

The whole goal of this first call was to just peak their interest enough to get a meeting with them. Now, I'm not going to lie, those first cold calls were incredibly uncomfortable. Obviously it was not enjoyable but soon I began to build momentum.

In actuality, the thirteenth person I called was really interested. It was as if he was sitting in his office that day hoping that someone would call him and ask about his website. This is where the numbers game aspect comes in.

We agreed to meet in a week in his office. I came prepared with a presentation and some basic proposals template I swiped from Brian Anderson's Offline Silver course. Although I definitely underpriced my services, I managed to sell him for $2,000 worth of services. It was incredible how receptive and appreciative he was for my feedback.

1 yes out of 100 no's is not that bad, especially considering the payoff but I also had 2 or 3 other chiro's that were interested. I simply was not prepared enough to close the deal. Lesson learned.

Client 2: Flyers

The second client I got from putting flyers up. I attend graduate school full of Acupuncturists/Massage Therapists. This means everybody graduates and starts a business/practice. I figured someone in this school must need my services.

I put up flyers all around school. It featured my face and was really personal. The entire intention of the flyer was to sell them on a free consultation. Nothing more, nothing less. Two people took me up on the offer. I provided both of them a deep analysis of their business, some keyword research and the services I can provide. I managed to sell one on a $1,000 website. Yeehaw!

Client 3: FaceBook Referral

One of the first things I did when I decided to do this was make a basic website (Drum Up Media | We Help Remarkable Small Businesses Get Their Message Out) for my company. I know people say you don't even need one but I figured it only will take me a day to make and it will make me seem SOOOO much more professional...and it paid off big.

I sent out a Facebook message stating that I am starting this business and displayed it on my site. One of my friends offered to post it on his wall and write a really nice message ... "This is my good friends new online marketing business. He makes great sites so check him out."

Well ... believe it or not one bit. A woman that owns an awnings shop contacted me and needed a site update. This was a total layup because she actually was referred by a friend and came to me. I did not have to sell her on anything! We agreed on a site update for $1,000 and $300/month of SEO services for a minimum of three months.

Full Disclosure

I did not actually receive all $4,000+ at once. I basically signed $4,000+ in contracts and received 25%-50% deposits. As long as I actually do the work though, then there should not be a problem.

Awesome Additional Resource

I've signed up to Mario and Brian's Offline Renegades since acquiring these clients. If you want to be part of a phenomenal mastermind, where there is a constant community helping and answering all your questions about this subject than do not hesitate to join. It is incredible.

Lessons Learned

This is really all about momentum. I kept pushing every day for three weeks non-stop and it really paid off big with three clients. Now I am primarily focused on doing the work and doing a good job before making a heavy push for more.

However, I have learned a ton of intelligent sales approaches from Offline Renegades and the people that I've met there. I'm psyched for the next push.

Guys, take action and implement. There is quick money to be made here if you are willing to hustle! Although I still love the idea of building passive income through niche sites, they take time to bring in revenue. Offering your services here works right away. So if you need the money, take advantage!
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