Free Mobile Phone Simulator - Great Tool for presentations

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Hi guys,

some of us are building mobile websites for offline customers.
When contacting new business owners via Email I often send a short Video as an attachment in my mail which shows their website on a mobile phone.
I have used for that task but now I have found a great Tool called Mobilizer. It is a mobile phone emulator based on Adobe AIR.
And the best part: it is free.

Hope this is useful to some offline warriors.

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    I too have been playing around with this one for the last few weeks and love it. Nice and easy to use and love the addition of the extra phones.
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    Great find. Thanks for the tip.

    Phil G

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      just what I needed

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      Originally Posted by IslandAffiliate View Post

      Thanks was looking for a good one.
      Good to see a fellow rug cleaner here!

      Growing older but not up!

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    Works great, thanks!
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    Excellent find. I have also been playing around with it for a week or so and I think is better BBdemo.

    Unfortunately still does not show what a desktop sites looks like on a mobile.

    Does seem to pick up redirect though

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    Anybody know how to make either emulator go back one page when browsing?
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      Originally Posted by IMguy123 View Post

      Anybody know how to make either emulator go back one page when browsing?
      there are two arrows next to the url field.
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    Awesome, bookmarked that site for later.
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    Awesome tool thanks...the phones are really big on my computer screen. Anybody know if we can make 'em smaller?
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    woo! this is excellent............
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    Thanks for the HOOK UP!
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    Great find. Will use it in my next videos
    Thanks Can
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    Thanks for the tip!

    Best Regards,
    Mike Allton
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    Thanks for the great product recommendations.
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    Hello Can,

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic resource. It's a great tool and I like how easy and quick it is to export a screenshot. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it had the capability of fitting down a regular site to show what it looked like displayed on a mobile phone.
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    Thanks, thats was very usefull as I´m waiting for the next gen of Iphone to buy, thats will be awesome to show to my prospect on my notebook.
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    Nice find, thank you for sharing this.


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    Thanks for provide me a latest not but good tips. Its a very helpful for me. Thank you so much...
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    Thank you for providing this information to use. It looks great and easy to use!
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      Thanks for the great resource. For this or any of the mobile phone simulators, if we put in a website that has a mobile website will the simulator recognize this and show the mobile version?
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    Awesome find. Thanks for the heads up.
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    This is a neat tool. I had not come across it before you shared the link. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the share, great tool!
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    I know this is an old thread now, but I do use this myself however it doesnt display a regular non mobile website as it displays on an iPhone for example. When I go to a website using my iPhone, I see the entire page on the screen and then need to soom in and scroll around. This simulator shows the page in full already zoomed in to the top left corner of the webpage.

    I agree though that this is a great piece of software. Especially since you can export a PNG of the phone/mobile site in action, which is great if you're creating reports to send to prospective clients.
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      I love the export png image feature. Great for showing clients their mobile site.

      If someone finds something that can display the shrunk down version of the regular site please post.

      Great find though.


      Newbies PM me if you need simple answers to simple questions. Don't waste too much time figuring things out (being lost) when all you have to do is ask for directions.

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    Awesome tool! I love that the phones images are hi-res and that you can export images! Very well put together.

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    You're a great guy! WE can definitely use this.
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    This is cool yet I'm wondering if there's one emulator that checks several platforms concurrently? thx
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