How I got 4 Clients in 1 Month - STILL WORKING!!

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Hey I just wanted to share how I have gained four clients in one month. My roommate Lu who is the President of Loophole marketers actually put a small testimonial up of what happened but I just wanted to give you a more in depth description.

For the last couple years I have lived with Lu, and I have longed to be able to do what he does. The freedom he has not to have to clock in to a regular 9-5, take vacations when he wants and, basically be free. One day I approached him about it and he began to teach me all about the business.

As with anything, I wanted to learn it quickly so I could make enough money to be able to get out of this job that I completely despise with all my heart. He introduced me to this software which I am currently using now that allow me to be able to build multiple backlinks at a time in minutes.

He then introduced me to, a site where you can do any random job for 5.00. I would place a note in for building a monthly backlinking service for a client, and then I would place in the regular gig underneath.

When the gigs started coming in I was excited, I was making my first dollar online!! Still it was only five dollars (technically four, because fiverr takes 1.00 from every gig ordered). Once my ratings started increasing I had people start to inquire about the note placed on top of my gig.

They would e-mail me, and I would send them the terms and conditions for my service, and create my paypal button for them to subscribe. While some were hesitant, others jumped at the chance to have my service.

Sometimes your not really sure whether people appreciate your service, but just the other day I had one of my clients contact me just to thank me because his site reached spot 1 on page 2 for a short tail keyword. I have only been working with him for two weeks, and he is estatic to bring more business next month.

I have (within the last three weeks) 4 clients that have signed up for no less than three keywords each, and are loving the service they received. Now I'm even starting to get local businesses who are ready to put this into practice based off referrals from my current clients. Soon I will have enough to fully replace my income online, and like my free.
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    Thanks for sharing!

    I just started 2 days ago offering backlinks on fiverr and got my first gig today.

    I like your idea about upselling off fiverr offering a monthly service and using paypal to accept payment.

    I will have to try your idea with the note, etc.

    Thanks again,

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      Great strategy you have here. Fiverr is a great way to start making some fast cash online. I use it whenever I have some free time. Offering SEO related services is very profitable if you have backend offers as well just like you. I once made $80 out of a $5 gig. It is also possible to make it big with a unique offer like the ones you see in the featured gigs section.
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    Fiverr can definitely be a great source of offline leads. Congratulations on your success and thanks for sharing.

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    What a great way to make money on Fiverr. The real money on Fiverr is in the up sell to a product or service you can sell away from Fiverr.
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    Fantastic story! I'm impressed how you understand it all and implemented some money making tactics.

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  • I'm really interested in this backlinking software you mentioned...
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      Originally Posted by HomeBusinessMastery View Post

      I'm really interested in this backlinking software you mentioned...
      Yes, I'd like more information on that too.
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