How can one write an attractive resume?

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pls I need help on writing a resume, what steps do i need 2 take.
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    You don't need a resume you aren't applying for your standard job. You may mean portfolio? which is the same thing but for online work.
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    You need to put all your credentials including your past experiences (if any). Otherwise, you need to put all your skills relevant to the job you're applying.
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      Make it clear, simple, and to the point. Find creative and impressive ways to describe every job you have had. If you are creative you can make everything you have ever done sound great, while still being accurate. Just take the regular duties you had and find a professional way to describe them.
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        You can get a great resume written on Fiverr as well!
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    I had mine revamped by ProofPerfect
    try their no obligation consultation at Proof Perfect: Professional Copywriting, Copy Editing & Proof Reading Services in Singapore

    best of luck
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    Originally Posted by noraisabela View Post

    pls I need help on writing a resume, what steps do i need 2 take.
    I think reading this will give you ideas on how to write resume -
    jobsearch (dot)
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    Please do check Resume related sites.
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      Well, my first CV was pretty basic, explained my employment history, job roles and responsibility, education, skills etc. Then I got it reviewed by this company and they revamped it and it wads much better. I have used two comnpanies, one is CV-shop, you should be able to find them online.
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    There are number of resume writing sites or blog. Just search " resume writing " or " free resume writing tool" or "How to write resume ". You would get many. See one or two standard one by reading them completely and make your own resume as per sample projected there. If you have number of skills, make different resumes for different positions. Wish you all the best.

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    Hi noraisabela, you must present all your credentials that would support you on what field of work are you trying to submit your application. If you are looking for some offline work like to a company, include what skills do you have to help the company, your previous work experiences that are related to the work that you are eyeing to apply for, certificates that will support seminars and practices that you have attended to also boost your credentials to the employers and also, the names of people who you will use as your references, if ever the company might want to check your background or performances from your previous work. In case you are looking for an online work, make a portfolio.
    Before I forget, you have to be honest in what you put in your resume, since employers will do some background check to see if what you have presented as your credentials are valid and true. Keep it simple, do not use flowery words to make yourself outstanding but be firm and direct.
    Always keep a positive outlook in life and wish you well noraisabela.
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    Use Titles or Heading
    Use Design That Grabs Attention
    Create Content That Sells
    Quantify and Use Power Words or Headings
    Prioritize the Content of Your Resume
    tch The Jobs You Want
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      Too many schools of thought on this topic. The Ladders resume critique team say one thing. And, the says another. Basically, there are functional, bio and chronological type resumes. Figure out your job target and match the type of resume to that job target.
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