How did groupon get so many subscribers?

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Ok i know that groupon is more or less viral and they get more and more people subscribing to their deals everyday.

But when groupon was first set up how did they get so many subscribers?
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    Good idea and a million dollar as "seed money"
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    Most people are cheap. And bit advertising did the trick
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      Morons,they will sign up for anything that looks like a magic button so they don't have to think or do anything.

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    The service itself is convenient too. I'm sure the professional-looking, aesthetically pleasing site helped.
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    PPC and millions in venture capital.

    They were able to grow their list fast because they require you to give out your email before you can see the deal (or at least it appears like that, there are workarounds).

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    It is a viral, only because they got good deals people would be interested in (critical). To this day they also spending a bucket load on advertising.

    If you want to look closer at how much they spent and how much they have made look here

    They have always incurred losses due to aggressive growth.
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    It started out as "The Point", as in "The Tipping Point". A deal would only "tip" if X number of people get in on it too.. So you bug all your friends to get this cheap widget. This in itself is a viral concept that enables fast growth.

    Add to that several million dollars in seed capital which was immediately put into massive ad spend and you have explosive growth.
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    This worked welldone for Groupon because even last year facebook ads were very low priced. The only people buying ads at that scale were Zynga, so there wasn't really anyone to bid against.
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