Offline Marketing in the uk simplessssss!

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Hi guys,

i just wanted to ask how fellow warriors how easy\hard they are finding Offline Marketing in there city?

In the uk it seems that there are a lot of people wanting services...

I offer website design,fan pages,SEO

i send out about 100 emails a day and always get 2-5 people asking for more info and and at least 1 asks me to go meet them for a coffee (bonus!)

It really is just a case of pointing out what they need to make more money and they soon jump on.

Once you have the foot in the door then the upsell is easy!

I have even gone door to door to shops and if you have the balls to do that it really pay's of, i did not even have a bussiness card when i first started just a notepad and a smart shirt, as i say if you have the guts to do it man the results are big i get about 1 in 6 wanting more info and buying.

You really have to get up and just contact as many people as possible
and you will get clients.

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    so 1% is a high rate of closure?

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      WTF, where did he even mention that getting 1 out 100 is a high close rate, and are you doing any better?

      Try contributing to the thread instead, or you just trying to get your post count up by posting one liners, aye?

      Mercury Labs,

      Just keep at it, as you talk to more and more business owners you naturally learn and close every one you talk to. Then you get to be picky! = )


      Originally Posted by sloanjim View Post

      so 1% is a high rate of closure?
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    Well if i send 100 mails a day and i get a client or 2 a day it's great as lets say for a fan page with 100 fans i charge £250 then the upsell begins so 1 client can turn into £500-1000 so getting 1-2 clients a day is great. i dont go door to door anymore but the % was higher with that.
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    I would say that is a pretty good rate of closure for email lead generation
    though perhaps some tweaking testing and tracking can make it better
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    Well done on your success, it real is all about taking action. The more you take, the luckier you get. How much higher was you % for door to door?
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    Yes your right you must take action in bulk! i mean 100 emails a day etc is fine for me it's simple the more people you contact the more bussiness you are going to get.

    As for door to door maybe 1 in 6 were buying something from me, it maybe something small as more fans for a page there have or a blog to go with there site, all the way up to making £2k sales, if you have the balls then you can make big money going to speak to people, once again i guess it depends on you as a person and how people find you, i am fantasic at talking to people face to face but get me on the phone and i fail, it is really picking your strong points and going for it, be it email,phone or in person pick one (or more) and go for it regardless of what your selling.
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    Have you thought about hiring sales people to the door to door selling for you? If their acheive as good aconversion rate your business and client base will expand rapidly.
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    Hi you sound like your doing really well ! I`m in the UK too and a friend of mine has just asked me to get his website to the top 3 in google for a really simple term but i`ve absolutly no idea how much i should charge him can you advice ?

    Thanks jim
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      A 1% closing rate for email is pretty good, but I'm sure you can do better if you change up your email.

      However you could just write to them saying how other companies are getting plenty of customers via the internet and then forward them to a squeeze page where they can download a PLR article or something on SEO, social media marketing, email marketing etc. They are more likely to be interested since they are getting something for free and then once you've got them on your list you can always send a few follow up emails that will benefit them and then eventually on like your 4th/5th email pitch them your services.

      I personally have never tried this so I can't say how effective it is but I believe it would be quite effective and is something I will start doing very soon.

      Out of curiousty, what do you say in your email? Do you target a particular type of business or just any local businesses?
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    Could i ask where you get the email address from in the first place ? Do you go though the local Yell or something and just go to the actual website of the local business and shoot a email using their contact information ??
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    Good post, We have great potential here in the UK and its good to see someone taking advantage!
    Email can be a great way of making first contact. With 100 mails a day you could target specific vertical markets with a more focused message.
    I am planning on doing the same here in my part of the North West. Like you I prefer face to face, its how I make my living offering consultative sales and marketing services.
    Offline for me is the way to go as although my contracts bring great money my risk is not spread.
    Instead of selling myself I will be selling services!
    I too would be interested in how your email is structured, when my site is finished I will be testing email marketing and will post my results.
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    Hi guys,

    thanks for your posts....

    it's like this % is not a problem i send about 100 mails a day i get 1-2 sales out of it, yer ok its only 1-2% but each one of them are £220 min! i get my emails the old skool way i just pick up cards at the shops also very easy to find online directories not only that i code, so just making a bot to scrape yell, so will get even bigger.

    i understand 1-2% is not great but when each sale is £220 min plus upsale it's well worth it.
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