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Hi guys,

i have had a lot of PM's asking what kind of message i send out when getting clients for fan pages.

I just use a short easy message.

for the subject i just put "hi was just looking at your site"

this makes them open as there is no sale in the subject.

then for the message i just put something like

"Hi just mailing you to ask you one question how much are you making from facebook? if the answer is £0 then why? social media is HOT!" just check this info out it will blow your mind!"

(link to sales page)

and that's about it nothing fancy short and to the point.

it has worked wonders for me.

so guys what's your take on it? what do you do and how has it worked out for you?
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    if you don't mind, what's the link to your sales page?
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    i am just moving it to a better domain name but right now it's at

    very simple but it works.
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      Seems like a very good strategy.

      How many go from the email to your website, and of those that actually go to your website lead to clients?

      It's always good to track these kind of things at least then you know where and how you can improve, just curious as to what your figures look like.
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    I send about 100 mails a day i get maybe 25 of them to the sales page some just email me back direct but i get 1-2 people a day wanting to buy etc. so not bad at all ok yer only 1% but i charge 250 min and that's without upsell!
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    Those are some good results.

    Do you charge 250 for a fan page?

    And do you create them yourself or do you outsource?
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