Money From eBay, But Not As You Think

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I guess I am writing this article in response to many questions that family, friends and clients have been asking me over the months and years that I have been selling on eBay. Now before we get into the main part of this post, I would like to say that I am not talking about eBay as a selling platform -(well in away I am, but I am also taking a look at another income stream).

If you have been around the internet for a short time or been on here since time began you will have heard the name eBay, and I would guess many of you will have bought on there and have sold on the platform. Now I could talk and show you many different ways of earning on eBay by selling on there as I have been selling on this platform for over 11 years now, but I am not. Today I want to look at another stream.

Giving talks to small groups and network groups. Now once you have sold on eBay you will have some experience and through giving these talks you can pass on your knowledge to these small business owners and shops, and show them how to use eBay as a selling channel.

What type of groups can you talk to?

@ Church Groups
@ Business Groups
@ Network Groups
@ Lions
@ Rotary
@ Round Table
@ Women's Institute
@ Craft Groups

And the list goes on and on.

In your talk you need to keep the basic talk to around 1 hour and during this time you give the back ground to eBay, and then how it can help them increase their sales and product launches. (Now at time you do need to alter the type of talk, if you are talking to charity groups you will need to focus on how the group can use eBay as a fund raising avenue, and to a shop owner how eBay can increase their sales) But the basics stay the same.

I will add more hints, tips and ideas as the days and weeks go by, but the above can get you on the road to success.

In closing though when you see the name eBay, you can exchange it with Amazon, Etsy etc.

Hope this helps some people
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    Thanks for the information to understand more inside-out about ebay
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    I've been doing eCommerce and eBay lessons and consultations for about a year now while charging for my services. Most of the people interested are of the older generation which will undoubtedly have issues with eBay as eBay is not nearly as user friendly as it was 5-10 years ago, especially when it comes to shipping and using PayPal. I have students who have had a thousand dollars stuck in a PayPal account, and I've had students lose a thousand dollars to PayPal. This generation of non-business owners typically just want to sell off some garage sale items. Most become dissatisfied with the prices of their items being sold.

    You will also have the small business owner who sells goods and has likely already been introduced to eBay. These people do not adapt very well to eBay, and especially the lower profit margins.

    Its difficult for people to see eBay as much more than a hobby if they are hobbyist or self-employed minded, rather than entrepreneurial minded and know how to keep purchasing products from inexpensive sources and understand eBay sales history/data.
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    It is a good alternative source. Good one.
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      Further to my post, I would like to say out of the talks you give many things could and do happen. The first is the people just switch off as they do not do computers, the others listen and take notes. This is good as you have given them some knowledge and answered some questions they may have.

      But it is the third and fourth area that the money is in. Yes you may get a small fee for the talk, but you will have people who need to sell items on eBay or another site you can do this for them and charge a commission to do so. Then you will have others who want a days training.

      To me eBay has got easy in the way it works, when I first started there was no Paypal, most people paid by cheque etc.

      What I am trying to show with these posts is that there is more to us who do off line marketing that there is a proven business model there that we can make money from helping people sell on eBay

      Helping people with Auction Selling

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        Hi Andrew -

        Good angle to work from and interesting choices using non profit organisations.
        Being able to offer a service even if it's done voluntary has to be good for business,
        if only for the WOMM - word of mouth marketing.

        Only just noticed your in Lichfield - uncanny, I'm not that far from you I live near Burton, maybe we'll bump into each other sometime :-).

        Thanks again - take care



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