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Hey guys,

I'm interested in getting involved with online reputation management and thought it would be good to get started with small businesses.

I found a plumber that is ranked number 1 for it's keyword on the google mobile page, but it has a 3 star rating. When I look at the Google places page it has some bad reviews, a couple of 1 star reviews.

Now I'm not interested in helping bad businesses scam people but if after some investigation I decide that they are a good business how could I go about improving their online reputation?

Obviously I need to get more positive reviews on various review sites to bump down the bad reviews and improve the average score.

How can I get more positive reviews? Ask customers to fill out a short questionnaire after the job has been done? Send a follow up e-mail to the customer asking if everything was ok with the job?

My idea would be to approach the business by writing them an e-mail with a link to their google places profile showing them the bad reviews.

Plumbers make good money in the UK so I was also wondering if anyone had any ideas how much I could charge to do reputation management every month?
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