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by Msaeed
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Hi, I was thinking of making a skype group just for UK offline marketers where everyone can discuss ideas, techniques, etc

There was something similar to this recently but it kind of just fizzled out. So, I just want to do something similar so everyone can learn from each other. If this ends up being quite popular might end up starting a forum but we shall see about that.

Anyways, if you are interested just leave you skype names and i'll add you to the group.
#marketers #offline
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    If you go to the main menu and look at the bottom there is a section called Warrior Events and a sub section of that is called Local Meeting etc.

    There are some UK skype groups listed there that you may want to join.

    Hope that helps you rather than try to start your own group.

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    There's one i'm involved in that has a few UK warriors in there. I'm not quite sure how I got in now. PM me if you're interested...
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      Can't pm just as yet could you pm me the details please.

      Thanks in advance.
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