Survey: Which Domain Name "sounds better"

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Hello....I'm setting up a "Directory" of Mobile-Ready websites for a town and I'm wondering which Name "sounds better" to consumers;

I'm looking for a Name that Consumers will find "catchy" and be "more easily" remembered.

Thanks much,

Don Alm
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      I like Mobile Seattle

      If you are buying domains, Claim both domains, and promote Mobile Seattle and if some one types it in the other way you can do a re-direct to you site. Also keeps comp away.
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    I agree with the two previous.
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      Originally Posted by hightechnate View Post

      I like seattlemobile better, sounds more "together" than mobileseattle sounds like 2 seperate words.

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    My vote is for mobileseattle, hard to believe either one is available. You should snatch em both up quickly and use the loser of this poll as another webproperty for seo. Netfirms has domains for just over half the price of most at $7.99.

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    At first Seattlemobile seems to roll of the tongue better, but I think that mobileseattle is better, sounds better. Sounds more professional to me, somehow,

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    You want to put your mobile keyword first. This will tell the search engines more accurate information about your site. It will not send people to a bunch of Seattle sites if you put mobile first. You might want to explore another keyword or keywords and buy a couple redirects around those other keywords and some misspellings.
    Coach Mike Horn
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    I like SeattleMobile, but it also depends on what your setting the domain up for. Meaning, what you plan on doing with it. MobileSeattle sounds to me like you have Seattle about to move around! Just my two cents.
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    Are these the actual domains you are considering? Because both are taken, one was registered in 2005 and one in 2002, are they yours?
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      I'm looking to put together a "Directory" of Mobile Sites I'll be creating for each Town.

      Like a "Yellow Pages" of "Mobile-Ready" sites...with Alphabetical categories;
      Attorneys - Auto Repair - Bakery - Bicycles...etc

      And....not in Seattle. Could be "MobileTacoma" or "MobileMarshalltown".

      And....I'm not depending on consumers finding my "Mobile Directory" via Google. I'll advertise the Directory Site to certain groups of consumers.

      I'm trying to get an idea of what would sound "Best" to the consumers I contact.

      Thanks much,
      Don Alm
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    Hi there,

    In these days dont worry about long tail domain names, it will work towards your advantages as google bot reads your domain name too as part of keywords. Take my advise purchase few more and make them redirect to your main url , it will help!

    Have fun.
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