web design for a musician?

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I have a client which is a musician and I am wondering what is the best way to go with her? she is going to have a cd for sale.
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    What specific instruments is she playing? You can start from there and try to use what their type of music, instruments used and her personality to create a design for her web. I mean, you can inquire from her or probably knows her characteristics and used that to make a design for her web. It is more customize and a personalized web if the design will really present her as a musician.
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    yes I will be creating a whole youtube channel for her and we will shoot music videos for her (we have a flim background)

    but I want to know some of the other ways I can promote her music. (get her name out there)
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    Does she have a logo? If not, you need to create some sort of branding logo which should go on things like her luggage and instrument cases and sit up front when she's performing.

    That's a minor thing, but it can help greatly.
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    For starters, YouTube is HUGE for promoting a musician in my opinion.
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    Use all sorts of social media sites, for example twitter and Facebook. Youtube will be very helpful for this and i advise you make twitter and Youtube your main focus and stay as active as possible on them. Also set her up on itunes and try to get her music on there, people would much rather download something from itunes than go to a store then have to upload it. It saves a lot of hassle. Also i wrote a blog to do with social media networks which may be of great use to you http://www.seopositive.co.uk/blog/th...edia-marketing if i can help in any other way please don't hesitate to contact me .

    Lewis Austin
    Social Media Marketing Manager
    SEO Positive

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    Check out: Onesheet | Beautifully Simple, Maintenance Free Artist Web Presences

    They have a great website for artists that acts as a hub for all their content. I would highly recommend it.
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    You tube is the best place to learn anything with ease. You can find n numbers of videos out there which is really very helpful to gets started learning. In fact i have started learning guitar with the help of you tube videos. Now i am preety good at few chords.

    So in my view, you tube is the best place to learn these stuffs.
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    Yes youtube is the best way but you have to promote that video too with the help of a website through online promotion. And you will get more viewers.
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    Originally Posted by Matthewgen View Post

    I have a client which is a musician and I am wondering what is the best way to go with her? she is going to have a cd for sale.
    Treat the project like anyother and think of it as a business. Nowadays the most successful musicians and performers are those who have deliberately thought of themselves as a brand. They then built their following using good solid sales and marketing strategies.

    As you would expect all the normal rules of business apply:

    Who is the audience? Where do they hang out? What's their worldview (fashion, trends etc)? What's the language of the "gang"?

    ...let the answers to these kind of questions inform the way you describe and present the musician.

    Hope that helps!!

    All the best,

    ...and beat Google in the process!
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    Here is a great article on a planning process to use for designing a new website.

    Web Design Process - A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Websites
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      In my opinion you should make a bundle for him.

      First create the website wordpress would be great to integrate it with everything else you are going to need.

      Then create the YouTube Channel, a twitter account, and her facebook page.

      All of them with the same colors, logo and feeling so visitors start feeling him/her as one.

      Then I would definitely upload her music, to YouTube, create a video, the video can be as simple as a power point presentation with the lyrics and the song on the background. Or you can create a video and charge more. Don't forget to make the video public, for everyone to see and in the description box the first line should be the website url and then the description.

      Then I would embed the video in the WP site, add it in a post. Grab the url of that post and post it in Facebook and Twitter.

      Every time he/she has a new son add it in the website and YouTube and post the urls in social networking sites. Doing it this way you'll be able to leverage the power of Social Media but also generating traffic to the website.

      Remember it is in the website where you are closing the sale.

      I hope this helps
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    Apart from the advice pointed above, you might want to look at incorporating some sort of cart/checkout system for the CD and perhaps look at using sites like CafePress, Zazzle etc...to print promotional material like shirts etc...Of course, that's much later down the road!

    The cart/checkout thing should be thought about as well alongside the design process as it will be an integral part of the business.
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      I agree YouTube is great exposure. MySpace, since acquired by Justin Timberlake's company maybe turn into a musical space, so thats something to think about. A Facebook Fan page. Maybe even go to Fiverr and buy some followers to the Facebook Fan page. Maybe this is out of your realm but maybe meet and greets at a local restaurant, pub or wherever. The possibilities are endless!
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    If you're going to update the site often, consider a wordpress site or facebook site. If you need help with a simple site or blog contact me and I'll be happy to help.

    You may also want to consider artist service sites like the ones I've listed below. Some have free memberships/trials. Contact artists on these sites to get an idea if they think it's valuable ...

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    After using youtube you can also promote her music on several social networking sites.
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    I agree, try to utilize the social networking sites and bookmarking sites so it would be known to people.
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    its really depend on her character and what you want to show to the world, so you must realy understand her first and then the rest is just how to translate that knowledge into some visual presentation
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