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Just read an article saying SEOShop.com is selling Google +1's. Just like how you can buy backlinks/likes/followers/etc. They say that all the +1's your site will get are from unique users. How do you guys feel about this?
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    I purchased a review copy from a warrior last week. Not surprised to see this anymore than the plug-ins released to help beat the system and increase +1s. Remains to be seen what impact it will have, but Google forces it for ranking we'll see alot more tricks like linking and social bookmarking. It's unfortunate in that it's taking small business in a direction that across the board doesn't need or want to go, meaning it's not a good fit for all industries.
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      Shortcuts like that may work for awhile but Google will eventually catch on to the abuse and take action to eliminate the abuse.

      The fundamentals are always safe, effective and they aren't negatively affected by algorithm changes.

      Social media will eventually influence the SERPs at both Google and Bing and inflating your Likes or +1's will be noticed as unnatural.

      The more people you help reach their marketing goals the quicker you'll surpass yours.
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    I think it would work and help. But like jmccoyfl said. Google will put a stop to it. So do not be suprised if all your +1's get removed and you lose alot of rank. Or if they do like they have done in the pasts make your sites no allowed to be indexed in there search engine. Which how would that look to your customers, and how would you explain to them that there site is now NO GOOD.
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    Yeahhhh i wouldn't buy into this. Wait it out.
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    I wouldn't do this with any of my client sites. It's still too early to tell which way google + is going. Eventually google will catch up to these kinds of tactics.
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