Offline Marketing : Magazines + SMS marketing = $$$$$

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I can't go to sleep because I still thinking about this.

Here a story. Last weekend, I was going to camping with some friends who does
offline marketing. Generating $100k/ year (just being 3 years in his business).

What he telling me is a superb idea where I said to myself, "why I don't even think about this?"

Okay, here what is his sharing that I think worth your time to read it, bookmark this thread and take action.

Here what is he doing.

He gave me an example.
A Women magazines, there are a lot of products being advertised there.

Here the $$$$ source #1
1. some product don't have even a website
2. some just have plain website
3. some need SEO

and as most of us know, these business owner don't care about dumping $1k to $5k annually to their marketing campaign.

ok, that is the source #1.

The second source of $$$$ we can get from magazine is :
1. Some products have retailers/stockist contact depend on where there are.
Bet you what.....most of them don't have website.

Yes, because they just depend on their company website, which we can easily convince them to create their own website.

Better than that, mostly they are using their own direct phone or mobile number.
So, we don't have problem with passing a 'gate keeper'.

This is what my friend shared with me last weekend.

I see the potential in it, and start planning this for my business next year.

I hope this sharing benefit to all of us.
Till then, see ya.

Raja Kamil
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    Look at doing mobile websites also because even more will need mobile web presence now and especially in the future.

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    The title of your post mentions combining SMS with magazines, but your post makes no connection between the 2.

    You mention creating a website and doing SEO in "source #1" and I can't understand what you're talking about in "source #2".

    None of it makes sense.

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    you can put SMS keyword and phone in the ad and have people text it. service texts back request for zipcode, then the business can send locally targeted ad. takes a good SMS platform though...
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    Dude... Wat?!?
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    Hi Raja Kamil, I got what you meant. It's a very good idea indeed. Maybe this is not so relevant to those outside Malaysia or Singapore but it is very viable here in this part of our region. Thanks for sharing I might be using this to get more leads.

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