QR Codes any real benefits?

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There seems to be a buzz about these at the moment with some marketers apparently selling these codes to local businesses, when they can be created free in two seconds. I'm not completely convinced about these yet. I can see that they look quite cool, smart phones make a nice melodic noise when they capture the info and I suppose it's a time saver versus typing a URL into your mobile browser.

I can also see it can be used a a good ice breaker with a business owner if you ask them if they have a QR code for their business yet? 99 times out of 100 they've probably never heard of them. This can be a good thing as they're new but a bad thing as nobody knows how to scan them yet. Other than novelty value are there any other real benefits to a local business owner?
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    They were cool when I first learned of them, just because it was something different. I still don't see the big deal about a QR code, seeing that my main mobile marketing thrust is SMS text marketing. 9 out of 10 people, when asked or shown, won't even know what a QR code is. Even if they did, they have to have a smartphone. If they have a smartphone, they need the app to make it work. If you have a smartphone with a QR code scanner, you'd better be in an area with WIFI or 3G/4G coverage. If you have folks scanning a QR code that takes someone to a mobile site and it takes forever to load, then it's really pointless, at least frustrating.

    Besides, most (if not all) that own a cell phone know how to text and understand how it works...smartphone or not.

    These that are pushing WSOs and/or selling QR codes to local businesses are really just blowing smoke. It's ok for a foot in the door, a lead-in, or a conversation starter, but not something to base an entire business on. I can see the uses, but I can't help but roll my eyes when they're made to be a big deal...and yes, I am VERY familiar with all their uses.

    In my opinion, SMS marketing > QR codes. I can do anything (and more) with SMS that can be done with QR codes, and it's not as confusing or as potentially frustrating.
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      Yeah, I follow the Ryan Deiss "Local Mobile Fusion" launch and laughed all the way.. Seriously? And I thought the product launches had gone bad.

      QR Codes can be really effective.. But it's just like Facebook. You just don't add a page and then suddenly 100.000's of people like it and love you. No, you have to use some of your brains.

      Personally, I do not use QR codes in my business at the moment.

      Stop wasting time sending letters: we can do your offline marketing and automate everything with letters.


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    It all depends on your market. If you are in a major metropolitan area there are a lot of people with smart phones. A lot of those people have a QR code scanner on their phone. The reason people sell this service is that most business owners don't know, don't care and don't want to know how it works and they want YOU to do it.

    Today I built a "Special Offer" FB fan page, made a QR code and designed a flyer for a client. We've been friends for years and he knows how to do everything I do because I taught him.

    He is busy running his business!
    He called me to do it. He specifically wanted the QR code because a lot of people in his market use it. If you are going to use a QR code it is important to put instructions on how to use it next to QR code for people who don't know what it is. People with smart phones LOVE using new apps. It is also important to put the URL in case they don't have a smart phone.

    Here are the instructions:
    1.To access this page you need a smart phone.
    2.Go to apps
    3.Search for "QR"
    4.Once installed Scan the code for a special offer!

    That's it. EASY money. This guy is the best client. We NEVER talk price. I just do the work and he sends me a PHAT paypal deposit.

    Local SEO Renegade

    P.S. You need to have some way of distributing your QR code to your target market. Flyers, post cards, direct mail, business cards, etc.
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      QR codes are a great tool when used appropriately.

      They don't translate into every market or every industry.

      Being creative with QR codes is the key.
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