Does Anyone Run Facebook Sites For Local Businesses?

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I am researching SMS and other marketing ideas. One thing i have noticed, a lot of businesses around me dont have facebook or twitter pages. Does anyone setup and run Facebook or Twitter pages for businesses? If so, how exactly do you do it and what do you charge? Also, how do you handle updates and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance.
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    You can create your own business profile or you can use facebook for your promoting your business. Here is where you can access through facebook advertising page. You can access business options in here.
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    I normally charge usd 100 to create a Fanpage for a local business. Also, for 300 fan additions every month, I charge usd 50 monthly
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    Thanks for the info so far. Jeff so you create Fanpages for local businessess now on facebook? Does I have a Fanpage for my own business now, but does facebook allow you to create more then 1, or do you need a special kind of account with facebook. Also, how do you charge for updates and all that or do you just setup the page and then set an administrator and let them take care of it after its up?
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    How are you incorporating Twitter into the mix for business? I know I should be paying it more due, I guess I don't get it's real ad value yet. I'd like to incorporate it for clients, but speaking personally, I don't access twitter very much. Do I need to get into the fray more?
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    This is something we do in UK.
    Charge circa £500 for the service as part of an overall marketing strategic plan for the clients


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    Well with Twitter with my business, i seem to get a different kind of crowd on from facebook to twitter. A lot of people dont use twitter but use facebook. Then you have a crowd of younger people who use twitter more then facebook. Whats nice, the way my is linked up, whenever i post something on facebook it goes straight to twitter. This is nice because i own a retail busienss and when business is slow, i can send out something for like 20% off for all facebook/twitter fans for the rest of the day. Its just a different market then people who use facebook.
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      Hi Justin,
      So in point,to clarify, you are saying FB would be a good call for most all businesses, but Twitter seves a younger demographic and may not be recommended for everyone...could tweets just be used in place of SMS?
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    Justin: Everyone and their dog is offering these services. If you want to offer local internet type services to local businesses, the first step is like getting a job on main street.

    Get your foot in the door.

    I see a lot of people going for the big one, the big sale, the big pitch. That works for big time marketers, but not for people starting out.

    Offline is easy IF you take baby steps and get your foot in the door. Once you have an offline client they will use you for everything related to the internet.

    Grab a small idea, doesn't matter what it is. Get a client and you'll see how it works. They'll want you to do a Twitter background, You Tube Background, upgrade their site. There's no end to it. Once you have a client that trusts you and you mention your sms idea, they'll want it.

    You don't have to figure out what people want. Just start right now with a client and they'll tell you exactly what they want.
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      Thanks for the advice SiteSmarty - good tips! -
      My dog does not do offline yet -
      he still prefers his information the old fashioned way... "pee-texting"...
      He is however, working a Frisbee catch blog,
      and finds most of his fans will opt-in to anything mentioning "Ball", "Walk" or "Eat" - :rolleyes:
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    Im not sure about using twitter as the SMS thing because for instance on my smartphone i have notifcations turned off. So if someone tweets something i wont see it unless i pull up the twitter app or login online. In my opinion twitter is for the younger crowd and facebook is for a bigger range. The good thing with twitter is if people start to like you or you have friends or whoever who can take your tweet and re-tweet it out to their friends that helps you to grow.
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    I've advised people on this for lots of strategic business plans, both for e-commerce and for brick and mortar businesses. It really depends on the dedication and/or content that can flow in for the page that is being used and edited. The companies that do this passively with a non-existent position end up dumping it fast, and the ones that dedicate time and money see some ROI. It all depends how hardcore you want to go with it, and what the aim is.
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