Marketing Ideas for New High-Ticket Service

by RRG
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Hello Warriors,

I have been investing an hour a day the last couple weeks, bought a handful of WSOs. Enlightening.

Here's my situation, and I hope you can help.

I'm working on a marketing strategy for a medical provider who has a new FDA-approved technology that zaps fat cells.

It's not like gastric bypass or lipo-suction. The target market is women 35 and up who want to get rid of that last 10-15 pounds of stubborn fat.

This service sells for $2-3k. My client has an exclusive on this technology and service in this market (for now, that is. Manufacturer is limiting to three providers in this market, my client is the first).

Client is not doing any marketing to speak of other than networking.

If you were me, what are some of the tactics you would use as a part of an overall, comprehensive marketing plan? Online and offline.
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