200 million show mobile users happy with multimedia

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I just read that 200 million views of youtube are done by mobile users every day.

YouTube mobile views tripled throughout 2010 to reach the astonishing average of 200 million views per day, YouTube Mobile Product Manager Andrey Doronichev announced.

Now lots of mobile website developers have said that your mobile site should load quickly so don't have many graphics or media etc however I think it is pretty evident that people are more than happy to wait for a good experience over just get information.

They pay a lot of money for their smartphones so don't want to see all text but be able to experience the great attributes of their phone with well designed and laid out mobile websites.

The day of ascii type mobile websites is coming to an end very quickly.

Many surveys of both desktop and mobile sites says that if it does not load quickly then they will leave.

Sounds plausible however in realty this would wipe out 95% of sites and most of these surveys have underlying agendas. Gee most of the mobile websites that are making a huge fortune load slowly.

No I am not saying to bloat your site with graphics but that you can now do a little more than a year ago to provide a nicer experience

The fact is if you have an average loading site that provides a great experience for your visitors you will get plenty of kudos.

What do you think?

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    This is the main reason I choose user agent detection for developing mobile sites this way I can offer a more feature rich experience to smartphone users and a slimmed down version for those on non smartphone devices... Give it two more years and I think the market will be dominated entirely by smartphones and this will be less of a concern...

    What would be interesting to see is a breakdown of what phones are accessing YouTube and what network they are on... For some phones video can be viewed progressively ie as it's being downloaded therefor there is no wait time I know the iPhone and certain newer androids are capable of this, whereas with certain scripts and certainly large images this is not the case they have to be fully downloaded before they can be functional or rendered.

    To me it's important as a mobile web developer to understand and be able to accommodate the end user and provide them with the best user experience that their device can handle, ideally I wish everyone was on a 4g network and using a high end smartphone! Lol however in most instances clients are not prepared to spend extra dollars to accommodate this, which is fine providing they are made aware they are alienating the majority of non smartphone users.
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    I agree the landscape for mobile sites and in general mobile marketing is changing quickly.

    Just keep in mind its ALWAYS ABOUT THE USERS EXPERIENCE!

    Sometimes less is more sometimes less is not enough

    Mark Riddle
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    We are talking about 2 totally different things here.

    The statistics provided above mean nothing to the local restaurant owner who needs a mobile website so customers can view their menu and order while on the run. They mean nothing to the local tow truck company who needs a mobile website so people can quickly call them when their car breaks down. They also mean nothing to the person driving along looking for the number of their local dry cleaner so they can call them and find out what time they close.

    Do you think any of these people are looking to watch videos? No, these people have a specific reason as to why they are visiting a website and these are the people we are targeting with a mobile website. Those people who are looking for quick and easy to access information while on the go.

    There are mobile websites for entertainment purposes and there are mobile websites for business purposes. I am in the game of providing mobile websites for business because it means you are providing value to a business and you can very easily justify your charge.

    Myself nor the local business owner cares about the 200 million views of Youtube videos that are hapenning from young people sitting on their iphone or ipad (via a wifi connection) on the couch while watching TV. Those statistics don't matter to him. They are irrelevant. You are talking about 2 very different audiences and those statistics are not relevant for both.

    If I am developing a mobile website for a company website that plays video (ie Youtube) then yes, video is going to be a big part of that website. If I am developing a mobile website for the local business owner then no, video is not going to play a role in that - there simply is no need for it. Mobile websites are about simplicity.
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    Good insights Will

    Oh by the way I have been using the free microsoft sharepoint designer 2007 to edit the pages in your script and it works great.

    Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - SharePoint Designer 2007

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