History will always remember their $6,000,000,000 mistake...

by Dexx
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The founders of Groupon must be kicking themselves for slapping away Google's $6 Billion Dollar offer to buy them...thinking they could do better...

Groupon's Worst Nightmare: Amazon Entering Daily Deals Space

Not only will their awful treatment of business clients cost them (on top of the deficit they operate in), but everyone and their mother has started their own coupon-deals as well...as if Groupon had some sort of unique business model to begin with...

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    I wonder how their initial public offering is cooking?

    On the other hand, you know what amazes me the most? Craigslist... and it's luck of interest in getting into local daily deals and local business search game... It's crazy!

    Where else would you expect to get the best deals? Also, thousands of customers already go to Craigslist to find local businesses...

    Perhaps, one day they will make a move... besides blocking spammers and non spammer from posting their ads:-)

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    Oopsie...there are some many deal companies, we have sold our Mobile App Technology to 5 Deal Companies now...where does it end? When does the bubble pop?

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    not to mention how much money groupon loses, its yet to turn a profit, and lost 414 million last year and 100 million for the first quarter of this year.

    HOLY COW: Groupon Is Losing A LOT Of Money
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    My god, it still shocks me to think they turned down a 6 BILLION DOLLAR buyout. What a bunch of idiots. I would have agreed in a heartbeat.
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    Wow, $6B - they must have thought something was going to take off, haha. Didn't know they were LOSING money but with all of the ads I always used to see, it makes sense. I'm glad it failed with the way they're treating customers.
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    james what does your mobile app do?
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    When Groupon turned down the deal in December it was actually a boon to Groupon's business because of all the publicity.

    Now Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all competing in this space.
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