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Hey Guys,

So as the title says, towards the end of the post ill be putting a small proposition to anyone who is trying to get into offline marketing but before that ill put a little bit of background information about myself just so people know what their getting into if they accept

Well some of you know me, and majority of you don't as i don't come on the forum as much lately been very busy

My names Kai Aleksandr Ivanovai - K.A.I neat eh ? I'm 18 years old and my start in the world of business was when i was around 13, like most kids in this time period i played computer games... i played them way to much it got to a point where i weighed 17 stone and was getting PAID to play these games by professional leagues, when i look back now i think..what the **** was i doing BUT That was probably the most profitable part of my life , why ?

Because Gaming clans pay out allot of money for a website, so eventually someone said to me "I need a website for my clan but can't find myself a good priced one.. Kai can you do all that ? you kids are normally good on computers" Honestly at the time i had no idea but i said yeah give me a week so after that i quickly went onto the web , looking at every tutorial i could find...eventually got a site done...was pretty crap the guy said how much... i said just Paypal me how much you think its worth

He sent me 850USD with a note saying its 100% better than majority of the others... Thats how it started.. easy eh ?

i took that 850 and bought a nifty camera, and got into photography..with the proceeds from that i said to myself i wanted to be self employed

I can honestly say that being self employed is one of the hardest,upsetting, enjoyable,frustrating things i have ever done...

The only way i have ever described being self employed is like being in love with a partner,

The start of it, are some of the best moments of your life than you may hit a bumpy patch and you feel like throwing it all away BUT if you hang in there..persevere and fight for it... it steadies out again and your life is complete

Offline Marketing has helped my life in a number of ways, I'm not showing off but giving you people a prospective of whats possible,

My main sales office, consists of 3 people... all of us are 18,

We all drive 20,000GBP + Cars and i think each of our insurance per year is around 9,000 well mine is, both paid fully

Were going away on holiday twice this year as a team, one is a cruise where i am taking it as a challenge to get some work

i can go to any restaurant i like and not have to even look at the bill, THAT is one of the better ups to this life style

I live with my partner in a apartment near canary wharf in London..

You may think im being overly flash for my age , but allot of business is about the image people have of you, That brings me to my proposition

Allot of people are looking to make a start in offline consulting, majority of you are not succeeding because you don't have the reputation

Why not join Maverick Consulting's ranks as a international branch ?

Your be sent

Promotional Products
- Leaflets
- Business Cards
- Give Aways etc

CRM System currently being developed by us so you can talk to us etc exchange clients etc


Telephone scripts, blueprints for from us whenever you need it

Pretty much everything your need to brand yourself as a reputable company

I'll be honest our rep ONLINE is not all that strong but our rep offline is enormous, were currently updating our sent with client testimonials, more interactive everything

If your interested , shoot me a PM and we can talk more and get you started!


Anyone who joined my Maverick Academy, i sent out a email to you all regarding it as its been put on hiatus due to influx of work and of course family problems which i made known to you all, i do intend to finish it and a few videos are already completed just bare with me
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    very nice , I am impress with you. U are so young and running "Maverick Academy" consultancy.But you should show some plane on the board @ free of cost. That will also attract the more & more people .
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