Success SEO'ing your own website?

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I know we offer our clients web design, seo, Google Places, video marketing, press releases, mobile sites, Facebook fan pages, etc...

But has anyone had success gaining clients for their OWN seo or web design business using the above techniques?

How about consistently???
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    Video seems to be where its at, at least for me. I own an offline business - manufacturing industry. Until the last couple of weeks, our site was just an online brochure. Buried somewhere in google, but I could tell prospective clients "hey - here's my web address. Check it out". That was all I knew.

    A couple of weeks ago I started doing some basic onsite seo, and I don't really even know what I'm doing. I put a few pertinent videos on youtube (again, shot on a digital camera, and edited with Movie Maker - nothing serious) and I have shot to the second and third spot on Google for my keywords. #1 was Wikipaedia. I know the video thing can be "easy come, easy go" but in 20 minutes I can put up something that looks at least halfway OK, and works. If I have to do it once a week, or even more, to keep the spot, I'll do it.
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    I use my website more for show... I like getting customers in person I don't count on getting them online.. The only reason I ranked my site for multiple keywords is because if you offer SEO services customers would like to see your site ranked high up. I had gotten a few customers that found me online... The thing is there is so much competition online that it would be hard to depend on getting customers online only

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