REVEALED! One of my best Money-Makers, UpDated

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Background: I've been selling Advertising-Type programs to small business people for years. One day, I was sitting in the lobby of my bank, waiting to talk to the VP of Marketing about an Ad Program they were buying from me.

As I was sitting there I happened to notice (As I ALWAYS do)....what was happening around me. Business Owners and many "Affluent" people were coming in to make deposits, etc. I had been living in the area for a few yrs and I knew WHO was WHO! I watched the comers and goers...I noticed they were passing by a "Blank-Space" on the wall.

I got one of my "Hot-Flashes";

Why don't I mount a Display ON THE WALL....with FULL COLOR Ads of Local Business?

So....I dashed home and put together a Sample Board I could show my contact at the Bank.

BUT....something stopped me in my tracks. I need something to GRAB the attention of passersby. Something that would cause them to STOP and Take A Look at my Display.

So....I went into my "Memory-Hooks" and came up with "Words" that would do 2 things;
1) Grab Attention of bank customers
2) Appeal to the EGOS of potential customers (local business owners who'd like to be SEEN by GOOD Prospects) What better prospects for local businesses than people going into and out of....a BANK!

So....the HEADLINE I came up with contained only 3 words. These 3 words would do the 2 things I needed them to do.

The 3 Words are; "PICTURES OF SUCCESS!"

Wowee! Zowee! Talk about "Grabbing" the attention of potential Advertisers! When I showed potential business owners my Sample Display Board that was to be mounted in Bank Lobbies....with the 3 "Ego" words....they went "Ga-Ga!".

So....I went up and down my Valley....putting my "Pictures of Success" Boards in lobbies of Banks.

A "Win-Win" deal for all involved;
The Banks....loved them (made their bank more "Community-Friendly" and "More Professional"
The Advertisers...loved them (they were seen by "higher-class" locals
And I loved them....made me a GREAT income for a few years.

See Photo at bottom of this post (it's and old photo but you can get the idea) forward to 2011. I'm placing "Pictures of Success" Boards on the walls of Bank Lobbies....and....adding something extra;

A way for Bank Customers to see my "Town Mobile Directory"....with my Advertisers....ON THEIR CELL PHONES!

Whala! Another Win-Win.

Here's the photo of my first Board.

Don Alm....Marketing Guy
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  • That is pure genius!

    Have the creative juices flowing already!


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      Ooops....forgot to mention WHY....Banks, Coffee Shops, Copy Shops etc... will let me install my Displays;

      It's not just for "esoteric" reasons!

      I provide them with a FREE Mobile Site! so doing....I get MASSIVE Referrals!

      Don Alm....Marketing Guy
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    You are certainly the "bees knees."

    What I like about your ideas are that they work! Additionally, they are practical.

    That I think is a real key... practicality.

    Keep up the good work.


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      Hi Millard....GREAT to see you "Alive and Kicking" in the Biz World. Geez Louise...we go back quite a few years.

      Yup....I'm STILL at "IT"! I love this stuff....coming up with promo ideas to help small businesses.

      I think I'm onto a "Hot" one with this "Mobile" thingee. In a few yrs most of the DeskTops will be gone and communication and info sharing will be done with "Portable" gadgets that fit in your hand.

      Hope all is well with you and family. We're enjoying our days here in Roseburg....great climate, great fishing, great people and...EVERYTHING IS PAID FOR!

      Have a Good one,

      Don Alm
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    Brilliant idea!
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    Don, I started reading your original ideas on Tony Blake's forum in the last century! :-)
    I think you're doing a great job adapting these 'evergreen' strategies to what's new today. ...and I agree with you, Mobile may replace most desktop systems.
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      Hey Bruce....ya....seems like I've been around these parts...forever. I was one of the first posters on Tony's Forum....then "Bill Myers...then SowPub and a few others.

      I LOVE "selling stuff". It comes from my looking for Promo Ideas that could help my Wifees retail Antique Shoppe. I usually got other business owners involved so my projects made me the same time helping bring customers into her Shoppe.

      In fact....just a "Hook" in my "back memory wall" I'm typing this....I remember one of the best Promos I ever did....for Retail Antique Shoppes. (Hang with me for a moment while I reminesce)

      One day my wifee asked me to "Watch the Shoppe" when she went to an auction. Well....being a STRONG OBSERVER of "Human Action and Reaction"....I noticed that everyone entering the Shoppe....turned to the right and...when I asked, "Can I help you?"....the response was always, "Nope! Thanks! Just Browsing!"

      So....this prompted me to go to my pc and make up some Coupons I printed out on my inkjet.

      I separated a sheet of paper into 3 vertical sections....with "Dotted Borders" around the edges with the words..."BROWSER BUCKS" at the top center....and below that...."This Coupon Worth $25 Towards ANY Item in the Store!" And I put "$25" in each of the 4 corners.

      I printed out 10 sheets and cut the Coupons apart making 30. I then began handing these to people who entered the store...Welcoming them in...Handing them my Browser Buck and telling them to...."Look around and apply this Coupon to anything you'd like to buy.

      My wifee's Antique Shoppe had Expensive, Early American Antiques...some costing $5,000.

      Well....the reaction was AWESOME and AMAZING! Now,,,,instead of just moving around the shop...casually looking at our stuff....they were NOW...INTENTLY....SERIOUSLY STUDYING our stuff....looking for something they could use that "FREE $25 Coupon" on. It was like the Coupon was "Burning a Hole in their hand".

      Well....yes...there were some who brought up 25 antique marbles ($1 apiece) saying...."Can I get these with the Coupon?"

      Well....Whoopeee Fizzz....what was I going to say, "NO! Ya cheap soanso!" Nope...I held my cool and...they started to BUY. One lady came up and asked..."Can I use this Coupon on this Table?"

      The "Table" was priced at $2,800! What was I going to say, "No!" She was just kidding and got a chuckle.

      So...when my wifee returned she was OVERCOME! I had sold about $10,000 ....on a "Dead Tuesday".

      So....guess what we did every Tuesday....yup...."Browser Bucks on Tuesday"...(which was the slowest day of the week)....NOT anymore!

      So...thanks for helping remind me of the "Good OLD Days" and one of my highly successful Promo Ideas.

      Take care and thanks for reading....I enjoyed relaying

      Don Alm...."Old-Time" Idea Guy
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    Great idea! I don't think it would look anywhere near as sunny as that if I tried this in my local Market though!!
    [Offliners!] Newbie Friendly Method = Easy Clients Paying $200 - $500 per month [AMAZING Reviews]

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    What a great idea. This reminds me of another idea where a company would offer dry cleaners ad filled hangers for free. Of course nowadays there are alot of companies online offering this service on a national level. But your idea would also work well in a Dry Cleaners. It's a similar demographic, young professionals, business men and higher income.
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      I took your "Hanger" idea a step forward as a promo for Dry Cleaners;

      Hold onto yer what I did to help Dry Cleaners get MORE Business.

      I was "googling" around one day and happened to see something that caused my little Promotion Brain to start Buzzing.

      It was a picture of a GOLD CLOTHES HANGER!. It was beautiful and was being offered to consumers.

      I phoned the Co and got a price for a Dozen at a time.

      When I got them I thought....Holy Camoly! THESE are BEAUTIFUL! and most anyone would WANT ONE.....however...instead of offering them for sale to local consumers....I came up with a way to sell LOTS of them.

      I thought these Hangers would make GREAT Promotion items for Dry Cleaners.

      I thought I could offer one of these GOLD a Freebee....provided they brought in X $ of went to a local dry cleaner....showed him my "Gold Hanger" which I included a small sign on a Card.

      The Sign said;
      "FREE GOLD HANGER with purchase of $25 or more in cleaning!"

      The dry cleaner said he'd give it a try. So...he hung my GOLD Hanger with the Sign....on a bar next to his front counter.

      The next morning he phoned me...excited. He said his customers were coming in...seeing the Gold Hanger and Sign....going BACK HOME to get more clothes so they could bring the cleaning bill up to $25 so they could get the FREE Gold Hanger.

      Whala! I sold a bunch of Gold Hangers to dry cleaners in my a nice "Mark-Up" for me! Hey! It was my program that was increasing their business! I work for Moolah!

      Thanks for reminding me of a promo I did some time ago when most people were having their clothes dry cleaned.

      Actually....if you use yer could use some kind of "Incentive" to get consumers to Increase their Orders.

      Don Alm....still making money from promo ideas
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    This is amazing and good idea .It inspires business minded people to invest .Consumer will always look for evidence.. just like the one you posted.
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      "It was a picture of a GOLD CLOTHES HANGER!. It was beautiful and was being offered to consumers."

      Great Post !! Sent you a private message. Was wondering the style and type of Coat Hanger ? and what to expect to pay for purchase. I tried googled and found a few different styles, some looked poor. Any help would be appreciated.
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