The Real Deal Offline Series: So What! Be A Small Fish In A Big Pond!

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Hey Offliners,

If you've been doing the offline marketing thing for longer than five minutes, then you've already come across someone else's website, service offering, resume, portfolio etc. that you feel puts yours to shame.

Don't feel alone. It happens to all of us at one point or another.

This is what happened to me when I first started. It scared the crap out of me because I begin to doubt everything I was trying to do.

- My website didn't look good enough.
- My porfotilo didn't look good enough.
- My years of proven experience suddenly looked inadequate.
- I didn't feel worthy.
- And the list goes on and on.

However, let me tell you how I got over that feeling that nothing I did was worthy.

The first thing I did was start by realizing that there was no one else in the world who has my exact experience, knowledge, perspective or skill set.

Of course, there are people that may share one or more of some of my traits, but no one has exactly what I've got.

In short, I'm unique. So, therefore the total package of what I can offer is also unique.

Once I realized that then I began by putting my picture, my voice and my own little twist on everything I did. This reinforced my belief in myself because you can't go anywhere else on the planet and see my big, happy face.

It's one of a kind.

Secondly, I NEVER try to compete with the big boys on what they do best. That's suicide. I only focus on helping the local small business owners generate more leads, customers and profits.

So, this means I take the $500 - $2000 per month gigs that big consulting firms won't go anywhere near. Therefore, in my little local area, I've become a big fish because I've created a much smaller pond for myself by intentionally focusing on the clients that the big firms won't take.


Chris Rivers
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    Thanks Chris! I appreciate the thoughts...
    I needed that little pep talk before I head into asphalt jungle today...
    Now - what have you got for a swift kick in the backlink?

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      Thanks for the post!
      Does gets me started into thinking about offline stuffs.
      >> Getting back into IM game <<
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    Good advice for newbies and those switching gears. Also, a good reminder to us old timers in sales, marketing and advertising.

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