How Much Should I Charge for My Offline Marketing Services?

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So I am going to try to sale my offline marketing services for the first time to my first potential client this week.

Prior to this, I've promoted my relative's business, with pretty good results (first page for a good number of keywords, and #1 for few). All of this was done through honest marketing, simply by implementing the things that google wants you to implement. (On/off site SEO, Directories, Local Businesses Listings, Facebook, Twitter etc).

Also I have a lot of experience doing SEO for my personal blogs and websites.

Like I said, this week, I'll have an opportunity to pitch my services for the first time to a real client. I will actually ask him to barter some of his labor for mine, but I am confused about how much I should estimate the value of my labor to be.

Since I am new do doing this professionally, I was simply going to suggest a $10 per hour value. I know its low, but should sound like a bargain to him.

But of course I wanted to check with the warriors first, to see what you guys might think.

Also any other tips in dealing with offline clients will be much appreciated, I am a bit nervous
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    A lot of the price depends on what you are offering as a service and what you are going to guarantee.

    I have been doing SEO for businesses in the local area for years and offer a number of different packages. One that makes me good income is keyword research. Most people have no idea what keywords they should go after to get targeted traffic to their sites. Yes, it is great to be #1 on Google but if it is for a phrase that doesn't even register in the search per month line of the keyword tool it really isn't achieving the results you are looking for with SEO.

    If some one wants to hire me to find 10 keywords/keyword phrases they should target for their niche and that is all the want I will charge them $50 just to do that. If you have done this for awhile and have all the right tools this takes you about an hour. To find them and write a little report telling them WHY the should go after these keywords. Usually after they see this report the want to hire me to actually help them rank for the keywords. You could offer this for free and it leads naturally to an upsell.

    If the care to purchase any of the other service I offer (back link campaigns, social media accounts, on page optimization, etc.) I will throw in the keyword research for free.

    One thing you can do to help present yourself is get certified you can go to expertrating (sorry just created a new account and can't enter links yet) which offers a test you can take and if you pass it will give you an online certificate.

    Also remember when dealing with small businesses they don't understand what you are talking about when you talk about SEO in general, so keep it simple when presenting it to them.

    But basically the packages (other than keyword research) range from $250 one time payment for some link building to $1000 per month for an ongoing campaign. There are a lot of places that charge more and lot that charge less. The main thing is to deliver on what you promise which should be more visitors and not necessarily a #1 position.

    Randy The Hermit
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    You are charging way too little at $10/hr You have forgotten about all the lessons learned while slaving over a hot computer at 3:00 am in the morning, and all of the ebooks and PDF's that you read cover to cover while everyone else was watching Seinfield. Let's don't forget sifting through all of the emails offering the latest and greatest that took your valuable time to check out. Then there were the websites that you built line by laborious line, only to have the latest version disappear because you THOUGHT you hit SAVE. All of this education came at a very high price (time away from family), so the least you should charge is $50/hr... and now lets talk about PR and Traffic!
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    so let's make a lot of history together starting today
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    No doubt those prices are too low. The offline world is where some big money moves and lives and is there for YOU as long as you put it yourself out there the right way and charge the right fees. Look at services you can provide on an ongoing basis and charge monthly retainers for...90% of my offline clients are monthly subscription services. Hard for me to tell you WHAT to charge as there are too many variables to know (local economy, types of services you offer, how much time will be spent) but for specialty marketing services, $100/hour is NOT too much in most cases.

    Mac the Knife
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    What most marketers do is ask the client what their budget looks like, then they make an estimate of what they can work with. I'd charge them about $50-125 dollars an hour-- you want to make the client feel like they are getting top-notch service.

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    Don't dismiss the experience with your sites. You can use them in your portfolio without saying you own them.

    If you're going to barter part of the cost, get yours up to be equal in value and/or time. You have a great service/product to barter high end with.

    Last, avoid hourly. Pitch a monthly cost or package fixed rate. $200 mo is the lowest you should go for US clients. You could even quote a range "...I've got packages starting as low as $200 up to $3,000 a month..." Based on their needs, and where they are you can customize a package that maybe costs you 25% of the total cost. Just realize you do not have to work for every penny you charge, your knowledge, expertise and resources are extremely valuable and remember you are in business to make a profit (or at least you should be).

    Hope this helps.
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    Price will depend on the website current ranking and related issue. So everything will be according to that. Just ensure that your package is reasonable.

    I thing monthly project is better than hourly.
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    In the beginning I was scared to charge too much because I really wanted/needed clients. But after a while, I realized people will pay whatever you tell them (within reason). Check around what others are offering in your local area. There are benefits to being the highest and lowest. Higher can imply better quality, but often lower will fill your slots up quicker. Good luck...
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      What i found works locally is search for the business you want see where they rate in google Email them with your request (whatever your offering), If you get no reply or hear nothing back I then go and copy there website get a exact name domain and then email them back to sell them your now higher ranked site similar to theirs and half of the time they ask you for repeat business aswell because this way they know you can do it hope this helps.

      OK, so I did it, I finally got over myself.

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    Every Client is different. Offer a free analysis, quote a package and a price.

    Have several easily customized packages, and from there develop a relationship with the client.

    Ideally you want to have 2-6 clients at 2-3k a month working approximately 16-24 hours a month per client after the initial first two weeks. (of which you should work as many hours as it takes to get the customer set up) Part of this money should be set for PPC.

    Also I would suggest building a relationship with someone who writes content. Have people submit a cover letter and writing samples, pick someone who works well with you, and pay about $45-65 dollars per every 250-450 word article. This will also come from what a client pays you, and you should have at least 1 or 2 articles a week, released to good directories and blogs.

    A final piece that also really hits the nail on the head is a press release...check out Vocus, its not cheap, but remember, this is built into the package.

    You need to set a budget within what the client pays you letting them know where "some" of it like ppc and press releases are going. So if you have 3k a month...about 250-500 should go to ppc, about 250 will go to content, and then another 250 will go for a one time press release per contract unless you sell the client more at cost.This leaves you with 2k profit...or 1k profit...but with 6 clients, that's 6k a month.

    Anyways, that is just my two cents.

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    Work out all your expenses then determine what you want as profit.

    Now work out how many hours you want to work and how long you think different jobs will take and you will have a price.

    Simple Example:

    Monthly personal expenses: $3000 p/m
    Profit Required 100,000 year: $8000 p/m

    Total generated income: $ $11,000 p/m

    I only want to work 100 hrs a month so my hourly rate is $110 per Hour

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