QR Codes for the Offline Marketing of Websites, ebooks, etc.

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What are some creative ways of using QR codes to market websites, kindle ebooks, etc., offline?

One would be to insert a 1/4 piece of paper sized QR code into a book in a brick and mortar bookstore that is related to your website, twitter, facebook, or kindle ebook.

For example, you have a real estate related kindle ebook and you insert a copy of the QR code of your product into a real estate book in Barnes and Noble?

Will this work? Are QR codes that widely used these days?

What other creative ways are there of using QR codes outside the internet to bring attention to a website that is accessible through the iPhone or Android?
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    Hi Calamaroo,

    One idea to consider is to create a text message QR Code that when people scan it, they are added to a text message database that you've created. It will cost you a small amount of money, but sign up for an account at TXT180.com (www.text180) and direct the QR Code to text the keyword you set up to the 5 digit short code.

    Make different QR Codes and Keywords for different lists. For example, you could create a QR Code that you place in a book at a bookstore and include a line like, "Scan this code with your smartphone to get 50% off books" When the user scans the code it will direct them to text "discountbooks" to 54545 (made up example). This user is now added to your text message database.

    From there, send out a text every 10 days or so to your text message list and send them offers related to books (or whatever niche you used to get people to scan the QR Code). These offers could be affiliate links or direct CPA offers. Keep building your list and make sure that it is targeted and you will see very high response rates because 90% of people read their text messages within 5 minutes!

    Anyway, this was just an idea that came to my head, not sure if it would actually work, but is probably worth a test!
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