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I made a previous thread, but I didn't get much advice there. I have a meeting with a lady that runs an auto body shop, they already have an ebay store, but they want an attractive listing for each of there auctions that they can just plugin new items into the same template whenever they need to.

So, how should I go about doing this? I haven't done ebay before, but I imagine it can't be to hard to figure out, so any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks guys
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    If you have no experience with Ebay, I would suggest that instead of trying to fake your way through the meeting, that you suggest to them that Ebay aleady has plenty of templates that they can use to dress up their auctions.

    It's been a while since I used Ebay, but depending on the amount of auctions they run, Ebay has several different packages. Maybe spend a few minutes on Ebay researching these packages before you leave.

    This way, you educate the client, solve their problem, and plant a seed for future business.

    Good luck
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    I halfway bsed my way through the meting, but....I ended up landing a 2500 dollar deal for an ecommerce site! So I'm pretty excited and glad the meeting went well.
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      Well done!

      You're 19 years old or there abouts right?*

      I think that's fantastic.

      You might have seen on the news that people your age do something slightly different to occupy their time in London.


      *I think you wrote this on another post I read somewhere, sorry if I've got this wrong
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