Snippet from an email I got today...can you relate to this?

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Got an email today from Troy White. Look him up if you don't know who he is.

The email was called "An ode to entrepreneurs." The full email is below in italic.

In it was a part that I can really relate to. Well, I can relate to the whole thing, but this one part really stuck out.

It said...

"We are most definitely off the wall.
...Yet the most sane of them all."

Hopefully this doesn't sound like I think I'm better than others, because I don't think that, but can anyone else relate to that snippet?

Do you have friends and/or family that think you're nuts for what you do? Do they think you are out of your mind and live in some fantasy world?

And yet, all you can think is "you're the one who is nuts for working a 9-5!"

I want to point out that I know not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur and that this world needs people to do the 9-5 jobs. I get that.

But, the reality is a lot of people who do work a 9-5 and think you're nuts for what you do, part of the reason they knock you is jealousy, ignorance, fear, and a bunch of other reasons.

Part of why they do it is because if you succeed, then in some way it exposes the fact that they aren't living the life that they really want.

Hopefully this makes sense. For some reason I'm having trouble clearly putting into words my point. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that "normal people" (gosh that sounds bad) are not accurate thinkers and are in the dark about a lot of things because of their mindset. And yet the mindset of someone who works on their own and is unemployable, they think they are delusional.

Can anyone relate to what I'm saying?

A good friend and I had a LONG conversation about this topic via email a few months back. He is older, wiser, and much wealthier than I am. The conversation was fascinating. I really thought about editing the emails and compiling them into a report or something and giving it away. I think other people that are entrepreneurs or want to be one would find it fascinating as well.

Perhaps I'll have to do it sometime.

Between those emails with my friend and the email earlier from Troy, that is what sparked me making this thread. I'm willing to bet there are quite a few people on here who can relate. Am I right?

Troy's full email...

This is for you if you're an entrepreneur (or one in the making) ...

We are the dreamers.
The visionaries.
The doers.

We are your neighbors.
Your friends.
Or your family.

We pursue our dreams, rather than letting them die a slow death.
We've learned to ignore the negative people in our lives.

We know we are different.
And we relish in it.

We are unemployable.

We are good people.

We are writers.
Directors and creatives.

We have a disdain for bureaucracy and red tape.

We love to build and enjoy our creations.

We are most definitely off the wall.
...Yet the most sane of them all.

We are passionate about our trade.
Yet we realize most people would never leave the 'security' of a job to live their dreams like we do.

We are the biggest employers out there.
We stick to it, amidst economic turmoil and media frenzied trash talking.

Thank the entrepreneurs that you know.
Tell them to keep on plugging and building.

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.
We are the future.
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