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by Joe85
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I'm going to be having some of my first set appointments this week. I am going to be outsourcing the services that I offer. How would I respond to a customer if they ask about my past work? Should I tell them that I outsource? Mabye show some of the work of the designer I'm outsourcing too? Never had a client and I know I will get a lot of "what's your experience?"
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    Hi Joe,
    When you outsource work it should appear that your company is the one doing the work. The company you are outsourcing it to is aware of the fact that all services they provide and have been paid for will in effect belong to the client. I am using a great outsourcing company in the Philippines. They have very efficient workers and speaks good English. Try them out BBA Virtual Staffing Solutions and look for michelle velarde.
    Hope this helps.
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    Among the general public in the U.S.A., the word "outsourcing" has bad connotations during the present economic environment. I would ask the designer to send you some work that has been done to show the quality of work. I think the designer would be willing especially if he or she knows that it will supplement income.
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      Joe: You don't have to be the designer to offer designer services or any services for that matter.

      Use the terms "my programmer will do that", "my designer can come up with something you'll like", etc.

      Get the outsourcers lined up first and showcase their work. You don't have to fake anything, just be up front.

      You're the boss, they (the outsourcers) work for you. As mentioned stay away from the outsourcing word.

      Clients are interested in honesty and results. If you can make things happen they'll love you.
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