How to research a Potential that has no website?

by BradB
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When it comes to a business that already has an online presence it isn't that tough to get SOME info. on them but where do you go for businesses that have no online property YET?

I don't want to even call people until I can identify at least ONE problem that they have that I can solve.........

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    Hey BradB,

    I think you already have identified one major problem they have; they have no online presence!

    You might be able to get some information from the BBB, talking to other local businesses, or just people in the area... but why not call them up, or even walk in, and start the conversation with "Hey, I was just looking for your webpage/Facebook page/whatever and I couldn't find you... do you have something like that?"

    Go armed with some information about keywords, about the competition, anything to shows them what they could be doing and you could have a great prospect right there.

    - Don
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    In many cases these businesses who don't have a web site have created listings on the various directories. Yelp, Kudzu, etc.

    If they have these then what can happen is Google finds that info and scrapes the business information and creates an unverified places listing for them.

    So, simple go to places and search for the companies name and address or address and phone number. Bingo!
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    BradB: It's easier to do upgrades now Brad. Most businesses that don't have websites now-a-days take a lot of convincing. Most likely they drag their feet with stuff.

    Look for businesses that have older sites and offer an upgrade to WordPress. That's how I do it and it works great.
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    hmm, i came across a niche that has TONS of businesses with no websites and no places listings. I have yet to decide how to approach either give places free with website or charge for places and website. If they don't want a website, I don"t want to do/offer places for free. I'm still wondering if there is something about this niche that I don't know about, that is preventing them from moving forward with better online exposure. I think we might have to wing it and just dive in when it comes to researching businesses without an online presence.
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