Where can I get quality direct mailing lists?

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I have a sales letter that I want to send out to offline businesses that I am targeting for SMS, mobile websites and local PPC marketing.

Can anyone recommend a list broker that they have used that I can purchase good quality lists from?

I'm not going to be mailing thousands of people at a time like some may do so I'm not looking to purchase lists of 10,000 or more. Ideally I'll be mailing out 200-300 letters per week so I'd prefer the option to be able to buy smaller lists if possible.

I realize that there are tons of list brokers out there but it's sometimes hard to tell those that have good reputations from the shysters.

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    Having the list is half the battle. Having a software program to manage it and stay on top of it is the other half!

    Most lists come in a CSV file format. Trying to manage lists in text format or in Excel is difficult at best. Plus, to increase the effectiveness of your marketing you want to "personalize" your marketing pieces.

    I wrote a software program that manages list of names. Plus, you can do labels, fully mail-merged direct mail and fully mail-merged email.

    With the purchase of the system I also provide 1 state with all of the businesses in it at no additional cost. I have a list of all of the businesses in all of the states in the US.

    You can check the system out at www.offlinemarketercms.com/info/listmanagementsystem.htm. If it's of interest to you, click on the Purchase It Now Link at the bottom of the page and use this coupon code ... WF77.

    I'm going to be doing a WSO on the product in the next day or so. I'm offering the $295 Offline Marketer "List Management" System to warriors at $77!

    Be aware that I'm still working on the page so it's not completed at this writing. However, the video of the system should pretty much explain what this product is all about.

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    The SRDS (Standard Rate Data Service) is a list directory of pretty much every list imaginable.
    When buying lists, be extra cautious as you can spend a lot of money for a useless list. Understand your market, demographics, etc. The more refined the list, the better the name but the more you will pay.

    If you are going with brokers (I don't know of any to recommend) ask a lot of questions and get them to clearly define why they are better to work with than another one.

    Check out the Information Marketing Association web site, there may be some good list resources there.
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    Most people who havent purchased alot of lists have no idea how expensive they can be... A good list is valuable. I use to buy all of my call lists from professionaltelemarketingsolutions.com and I think AL (the owner/listbroker) also does mailing lists. He is Good at creating an effective list. He has the "list making" talent I guess... because his lists are significantly more effective than any others I've used.

    You might hit him up for some direction if nothing else.
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      Hey Jim...I started my "Direct Mail Marketing" back in the late 70's and ALL of the "Advisors" were advising to rent 5,000 names as an initial "Test"!

      I found a way to get "200 Names" of my "Target Market"....and mail to them. If my Sales Material did not pull for these 200....it wouldn't pull for 5,000.

      So....I made numerous "Tests" of 200 names and...when I found a Good Return with my Sales Stuff....I THEN rented a list of 5,000.

      So....however you can get lists of 200....go with them...until you have a piece that Pulls....THEN go with a larger list....but NEVER pop for sending mail to 5,000 or more UNLESS your piece is pulling.

      Ya...SRDS was one of my sources and....instead of subscribing to them...I used my local Library...who had a subscription....so I could see the Lists available.

      I'll never forget one List I found that made me some GOOD Bux. I had created a product and was looking thru the SRDS Book at my local Library (Northbrook, IL).....when I happened on a List of 1 Millyun who had paid $7 for a product that was advertised in the Tabloids.

      I could NOT believe that a millyun people had paid $7 for that little plastic figure. Shows how Gullible people were (still are)

      It was a full page ad for a Small, Plastic BUDDHA for $7....and the HeadLine was...."Rub The Buddha's Belly for Luck!"

      So....I popped for 5,000 Test (that was back in the days when Tests were not expensive. However....instead of spending money on mailing to the entire List of 5,000....I again...did my "200" and...refined my Piece until I was getting Good Response....THEN....I popped for 1,000 at a time.

      Don Alm....long-time Direct Marketeer
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    Thank you all very much for your advice! I appreciate it very much!
    "Thoughts become things... choose the good ones!" Mike Dooley
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