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Hi all,

I have a client interested in list building and so I wonder how you guys structure your packages and pricing for this type of work?

i.e. would you just offer a price for list building? or a monthly fee?

Any advice from people who offer list building/email marketing would be great, thanks!

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    Well if you are using an autoresponder like aweber, who charges a monthly fee...I would too charge a monthly fee. And an upfront setup cost.

    Depends on your area and what you usually charge your clients, but I'd say $150-$250/month to maintain their email list and set it up and blast out emails for them.


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    It depends what you plan on offering. Will you create an ecourse or ebook offer + auto responder series? Also, who do you plan on using, aweber, mail chimp etc? If they charge monthly, then you'll want to add those costs into your fee.
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      Think along the lines of monthly fee and setup charge.

      $50 setup

      $150 per month to maintain, and manage mail.

      The bigger the job, the greater the fee.

      Of course, you can always run a special on some related project. If they sign up for 6 months of SEO, you can waive setup fees and give them a free month of managed emails.

      Just an example, but these are the kind of deals that click with business owners.
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        I offer list building and management for my local area. Some businesses want just that, I have about 36 clients that are strictly list building, management, and mailing. I charge on average $250 a month for most lists ie. under 10,000, anything above that is $400 per month. I have found the return on investment for this is staggering for the business.

        PBN site builder. Expired domain scraper. Website Hoster.....Oh, and an amazing guy. :)

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          Thanks everyone! you guys rock.
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