The Real Deal Offline Series: Darn...Has Anyone Else Been Making This Mistake Too?...

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Hey Offliners,

Are you pulling out your hair every month trying to generate a monthly tracking reports for your clients?

If so, I've got some advice to share with you that recently caused me to think that many offliners having been doing things backwards.

Let me explain:

For the most part, my clients do not want seo work done. Sure, they get SEO work done by me because of my online marketing strategies, but they really want a website that converts, advertising that brings in more customers and ultimately they want more profits.

So, traditionally I would spend time putting together a report of all of the marketing efforts for the month that have been performed for the client.

However, I realized a few weeks ago that generating a monthly report for those type of clients may be the wrong way to go about it.

In fact, they should be generating a monthly report to me of the results that are coming into their business!


Because they're the ones in their business on a daily basis and seeing the results on a consistent basis. The most I can do is monitor rankings, views, subscribers etc.

However, they are the only ones who can tell me if the leads that are walking and calling in are actually turning into dollars. In order to get that type of information the client has to track their results and actually generate a report and send it to me!

Now, in a best case scenario, I would have tracking numbers, tracking domains and tracking codes to avoid having the client be held responsible for sending me the numbers.

But, if you've been a marketing consultant longer than five minutes, then you already know how difficult clients can be in getting the simplest of things set up and done right.

I finally decided that going forward, that I would submit a summary report to my clients of marketing actions implemented for the month AND I would also require them to track and submit monthly results to me.

Your thoughts?

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