making money from 0 knowlage 0 cash

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Hey, since im very new and with very limited resources i wanted to ask this question and hope for a nice guy to give a good advice!
i want to start making money online and this are my stats:

- no money(no visa no paypal aswell).
- limited knowlage about marketing, abit more about affiliate system.
- no website or a blog
- unlimited time, i can work/learn 24/7 to achieve my goals.
- im really really eager to learn.

My target:
- 50$-100$ a month that would help me alot paying my bills.
- learning about online marketing so i can make it as my job.

thanks alot for reading my post,
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    Hi Daniel,

    It's tough to build a business from ABSOLUTELY nothing. Darn near impossible really... my advice would be to start calling businesses and offering to set up Facebook fan pages for them. Charge $400 to set it up and then $100 - $300 a month to manage it. Since Facebook is free to set up from your end you won't have any expenses to get going. I would recommend at least getting some business cards so you have SOMETHING to give to business owners, but as you start making money, just reinvest some into a website and grow from there.

    I hope this helps and best of luck moving forward!

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    is Key!

    (Ben has some good tips - also sometimes Staples has coupons for free business cards...)
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    You need some start-up money man...
    To be completely honest if you dont have a paypal account, no funds, and no knowledge then Internet marketing is not for you! Sorry
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    If you're wanting advice for online marketing, you are in the wrong section of the forums. But if you want to try offline marketing, starting with zero budget, there are plenty of great threads here with free ideas and methods. If you are not afraid of using the phone to call businesses, one of my favorite threads is

    I have started doing this, and although I have yet to land a paid client, I do have a few who have expressed interest. I know if I keep going at this, I will succeed quite nicely. The cold calling is the hardest hurdle for me to jump, but the service you are providing them is super-easy to perform, and it is re-occurring monthly income.

    Hope this helps.
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    Look at the various categories on the Warrior Forum and see what interests you. Learn the basics about the topic and then go a bit deeper into it. Ben's idea is a great one and a lot of people are doing well with fan pages. It's a good entry into a business.
    You can probably find a person who creates fan pages so you can outsource the work. Ask if you can use their portfolio as a sample to show your prospects.
    Remember though, you can't earn just by learning so whatever you settle on, do that one thing and avoid distractions.
    It's easy to get drawn into the next best thing but avoid the temptation to divert your attention away from acting on a single strategy.
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    Thank u for all the tips guys, im starting to work on it right away!
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    all the mathods seems to have purchase involved, so im trying the only non money related i found, which is the facebook fan page, wish me luck!
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    Thank you i will work on this tips and will back to some question with u...
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    i got a FB account with 200 friends now(keep getting blocked after i send more then 70 inv a day), even with the import system, i made 3 fan page right now with no more then 3 "likes" , xD
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    How to earn money through internet or by using computer? I have tried a lot and got tired.
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    So you do,t any work.But get more knowledge.
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