Who do YOU outsource to?

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When your client needs:

Web Design & Development / SEO / Google Places, etc...

And you need to outsource the work, who do YOU outsource to?

Most people say to use one of the "freelance guru" sites, but there's no way to tell who is truly good vs who is a waste of time (and money).

If anyone has any seriously good suggestions that you personally have used and recommend, please PM me.

Thanks very much!!
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    Outsourcing is not easy. It's not easy to make a living outsourcing. If you want offer real value to your clients then learn how to do what you want to outsource yourself. Outsource the smaller things that are not that important such as article writing for SEO purposes. Every so often you might find a good quality person to produce the results you want, you will end up paying for quality work and your profit margin will be much smaller.
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    I didn't ask if it was EASY!
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    I've been using a method for outsourcing my seo work for a few months now and it has been working beautifully. I will use the content authority (.com) to write an article for me related to the keyword I am trying to rank for; costs $10-15 for a 300+ word article. this is the only part that actual requires some work, and although I had to watch a tutorial on how to use it, after I had used to it sometimes I can crank out good spun articles in less than 10 minutes.

    Then I use The Best Spinner software that takes around 15 minutes to spin 100 different versions of the article you received form the content authority.

    Then go to Fiverr.com, search article submission and then sort by ratings and choose one of the individuals that have "top seller" by their name because that means they have had beaucoup good reviews about their work. No matter who you choose, they only charge $5 and will give you anywhere between 500 to 2500 solid backlinks for the site and keyword you are trying to rank for.

    Its a fairly easy way to get good quality backlinks without having extra work to do.

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    Fiverr has been good to me
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    Take a Look at the warriors for Hire Thread, there are plenty of people "Just like Me" who can offer you assistance.

    Once you get a good contact, keep them! Look after them, But them Nice things and they will look after you and make you a good living.

    Hope that helps

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    To find good help you need to network with your marketing peers. This forum is a great start since everyone here sinks or swims on their reputation from what I gather.

    Also, join some closed groups and learn from people who are currently outsourcing. I only hire outsourcing that come referred and preferred; and only if I cannot do the work myself for whatever reason.

    Being involved in client projects is very important to me, but at some point you can't do everything alone. Clients understand this so its not some scarlet letter to be worn if you use sub-contractors to get the job done right.

    Some levels of business will ask that you disclose sub-contractors, others won't care; they are sold on the quality results you promised them in the sales pitch and closing.
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    seo companies

    Donate eyes..........Tej Kohli

    Game not Over.. If You have will to Play ... ............... Tej kohli

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    You can try itwaffles dot com They have been taking in outsourcing work since 2001-SEO,website design,PHP ,.NET projects,Flash.They offer very cheap labour too.
    I got my website made by them for 300$ and SEO for 450$.THey have expertise in ODCs aswell.
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    Okay, thanks guys.
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      Pepper Virtual Assistants - they'll be more than happy to tackle your outsourcing needs.
      Pepper Virtual Assistants - Work SMARTER not harder!
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    My Best experience has been on Odesk.com

    You can find some decent offers on fiverr.com as well.

    Outsourcing is an art as well as a science. Often times its hit and miss, so just keep at it and you will find some gold contractors!

    'One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.'

    - Henry Ford

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      Originally Posted by jtimes View Post

      My Best experience has been on Odesk.com
      The things is, there are TONS of users on Odesk that are gonna say they're the best. Doesn't anyone have any recommendations they can share? Maybe through PM?

      Totally off topic, jtimes, but I recently visited La Jolla and hung out for a while at La Jolla Cove. Beautiful area!
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        It's a managed team, so you don't get any junk like you do on the odesks out there.

        The articles are bery well written and much less expensive than the service mentioned in the post above, and they do a lot of other SEO tasks as well- their site says they have done over 200,000 of them. I've had great success for over a year now. Try it, you'll like it.
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          Originally Posted by straightupchat View Post

          How are you affiliated with them? Owner? Employee? Something else?
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    I try to outsource only to people I've worked with before who I've found through forums. Not usually webmaster forums, but niche community type forums (for writers mostly). When I find good people to work with I save their contact information and go to them first.

    In an absolute pinch I'll use Odesk, but when it comes to freelancing places it is like rolling the dice.
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    I've tried finding good resources on Odesk but there are a lot of noobs who don't even read the job description but just straight away send a crappy cover letter. I haven't had much success with Fiverr as well. To be honest, I am still looking out for a reliable place from where I can recruit some talent.

    For now, I am just working with a VA based out of Indonesia.

    Persistence, Persistence and Persistence.

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      It easy, just making small experiments. I've tried a lot's of providers for a small tasks. Than if satisfied bigger and bigger.
      It took me about 3 years and now I have solution in any aspects.

      This is most secure way my friend.

      All the best.
      The only platform with REAL and SERIOUS projects / Safety based on $5 / project/skills/ posted
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